Why consumers should give cannabis drinks a chance

Published Aug 24, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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Familiar pot products have received some incredible upgrades over these last few years, making them more appealing, reliable, and convenient. Edibles are flying off dispensary shelves at an astounding rate, as are flower, oils, and other cannabis concentrates, but a lot of consumers remain on the fence when it comes to cannabis-infused beverages.

This part of the industry is still in its infancy, and companies are still working hard to figure out the best way to deliver cannabinoids via various types of drinkable liquid, so the hesitation makes sense in a way, as this method of consumption to many is still brand new. Still, there are some amazing cannabis drinks out there, and we’re here to give you several good reasons to try one!


There is nothing simpler than pouring yourself a cup of THC juice or kicking back with a cannabis-infused cocktail. It might feel mildly awkward at first, especially if you’re used to smoking, dabbing, or vaping where the effects are instant, but all you really have to do is take a sip and wait, and no complicated tools or rolling skills are required.

Less is more

Cannabis-infused beverages tend to be limited due to regulation, containing only a small fraction of the cannabinoids that one would expect to find in most pot products, but the effects they have to offer are often much stronger than the content label implies. Cannabis drinks are more powerful, and those sensations will last for longer than any inhaled alternatives by far.

No guesswork

With flower, you get a general idea of what to expect by looking at the labels, but the effects can vary greatly, even when you’re using the exact strains all the time because strength can change significantly from one crop to the next. Consumers don’t have to worry about that with cannabis drinks because each one is made with the same potency every single time.

Great taste

Enthusiasts might enjoy the taste and smell of burning cannabis flower, thanks to the terpenes, which can be powerful enough to fill a whole room, but there is no such thing as a plant product that tastes just like your favourite beverage. Whether you like coffee, tea, juice, soda, or cocktails, you can enjoy that same great taste with the added benefit of cannabis.

No risk to health

Smoking weed isn’t very good for the lungs, and the same is true for dabbing or vaping. These might be some of the most popular ways to use cannabis and extracts, but they do come at a cost to your health. On the other hand, cannabis-infused beverages might contain sugar or other ingredients that aren’t great to binge on. Still, there is no better option if you’re looking to relax with minimal risk.

Why so many don’t

All consumers make these decisions to the best of their ability, and each one has personal reasons for eventually settling on something that works. The same is true when it comes to avoided alternatives, but these are the five most common explanations for why so many have yet to try them.

Fear of the unknown

If you don’t know how a drink is going to affect you, and you aren’t even certain you’ll like the taste, then you might not be jumping for joy at the idea of making an investment in them. This is the reason why we choose name brands over no-name alternatives, because we like to know what we’re getting into, and very few consumers have personal experience with cannabis-infused beverages.

Old habits die hard

It’s so much easier to stick to what you know because you’re 100% certain that it’s going to provide you with the benefits you hope to achieve with the help of cannabis. Certain methods of consumption such as smoking are also relaxing due to the hand-to-mouth motions that become familiar and habitual, and the idea of no longer having them is enough to keep a lot of stoners away from cannabis drinks.


A lot of consumers see 5mg and 10mg labels and laugh because it seems like such an incredibly small amount, but the contents of a single cannabis drink can be enough to soothe even the most experienced recreational users. Of course, some people will need a little more—still, most gloss over them due to this reason alone.

Lack of selection

Cannabis companies are doing a stellar job at getting products out there as fast as they can, but there isn’t always much for options depending on where consumers shop. It’s not uncommon to find herb tea or coffee, but no juice or soda pop options and some stores only carry something simple like a seltzer. Luckily this problem should settle itself as the market opens and more choices become available for enthusiasts.


The average cost of a legal cannabis drink currently sits somewhere between $8-$15, a hefty price to pay for such a small amount of cannabinoids. Consumers who avoid cannabis-infused beverages due to cost would much rather spend $20 or $30 on flower or concentrate that'll last the whole week, and no one can really blame them.

There are pros and cons to making the switch to cannabis drinks, and not everyone will feel the same way about them, but they are a wonderful, healthy, consistent, and easy way to get high, so why not at least try them.

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