Where to get a good weed scale in Canada

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:23 p.m. ET

Looking for something to weigh your dried herb and unsure of where to start? Perhaps you have an idea but would like some insight into some good brands to invest in. We’ll find you the best scale to measure weed on for your needs. Read on to find the best scales on the market including where each one can be purchased within Canada.

1. PoniieI-2000 Pocket Sized Digital Weed Scale

Cost: $34.48

While the Ponnie advertises its ability to accurately measure various herbs and spices, it is also a perfect cannabis scale for those who don’t need to measure a whole lot at one time. With a range of 0.01g-550g this digital weed scale can weight just over one pound but comfortably holds closer to one ounce which is still more than the average stoner would have in their possession. The box includes a weight that weighs 100 grams to assist in easy calibration. The Poniie features several options including milligrams, carets, troy ounces, grams, and ounces with one push of a button. Included are two AAA batteries that will need to be replaced once a month or so on average.

Where to buy this cannabis scale? You can purchase yourself a Ponnie by visiting is also a common brand carried by smaller local headshops.

2. Smart Weigh SWS600 Elite

Cost: $13.99

Another pocket-sized digital weed scale that offers just a slightly higher weight restriction allowing up to 600 grams to be weighed at one time. With a backlit display and the ability to weight down to one-tenth of a gram, it’s an excellent choice of cannabis scale for any beginner. While it’s not very wide, it does have an additional built-in cover that will help to contain anything that falls. Comfortable without a container, you can fit closer to one ounce on the plate. The Smart weigh is portable and offers a tare function which allows you to place a paper on the scale and then hit the tare button to return the display to zero. This makes it easy when following a strict protocol for medical and recreational users wanting to be strict with their intake. Featuring a water-resistant cover that also doubles as a tray to weigh with and comes with three triple A batteries that should be changed every two-three weeks to maintain accuracy.

Where to buy this cannabis scale? The Smart weigh is carried by many local Walmart and Giant Tiger locations or can be ordered from the comfort of your home by visiting offer two day delivery free for prime members.

3. American Weigh Scales Signature Series

Cost: $19.97

With the ability to measure down to 0.1 gram and up to 1000 grams the American weigh scale is a best-seller across the board and is hands down the best deal for anyone on a budget. Featuring a shiny metallic silver or black casing with a water-resistant cover that converts to a measuring tray, and a backlit LCD display. The AWS is also impact resistant and is the most economical using only two AA batteries that should last on average one month.

Where to buy this cannabis scale? One of the main reasons the AWS is so popular it’s commonplace anywhere you will find scales. From Walmart and Canadian Tire to online by visiting Amazon at

4. My Weigh Triton T3 400

Cost: $28.60

The My Weigh digital weed scale is one of the most heavy-duty scales currently available on the market. It maintains an accuracy of 1.01 grams and can weight up to 500 grams. With a large easy to ready lit display including several higher-end features such as auto calibration, zero tracking, waterproof cover, and the ability to recharge anywhere you can plug in a USB charging cord. Unfortunately, the tray is not multi-purpose or removable, so if you need more room, you will have to provide your container. Luckily that is incredibly easy to do because of its simple one push auto calibration mode that doesn’t require any special weights or adjustments. Perfect for weighing while on the move with USB adapters to fit any car or traditional outlet.


Where to buy this cannabis scale? The Triton is only currently available through ships almost anywhere in Canada.

5. ProScale I2500

Cost: $40.90

This digital weed scale is a tabletop model. While perhaps not the most efficient, the ProScale features a two-inch wide display screen and a large bowl for measuring that make it not only visually appealing but also easy to use for those who may have issues with eyesight or overall size restrictions that smaller pocket scales have. With a weight capacity of 5 ½ pounds and the ability to measure down to 0.5 gram, this may not be ideal for those with large supply but is a perfect scale for anyone who is looking to do a bit of cooking with a more stationary weighing device that can be stored for easy access on any counter in a kitchen. Backed by a five-year warranty this digital weed scale is manufactured and sold through Canadian Weigh.

Where to buy this cannabis scale? Only available online by visiting

6. NutriScale

Cost: $81.30

The Nutriscale is incredibly unique because of its large platform size of 7x8 inches and because of its ability to weigh up to 3000 grams comfortably without the need for any additional weighing container. It also features a handy calculator, memory storage and the ability to show you two different measurements at any time which can be set by the user. While the Nutriscale was designed as a tabletop digital cannabis scale it’s sleek; thin design allows it to be easily stored away in almost any sized drawer. It is only one inch thick making it the most versatile of any others listed here.

Where to buy this cannabis scale? The Nutriscale is another high-end cannabis scale only sold through MyWeigh online. You can purchase one by visiting

7. My Weigh WP6K

Cost: $365

The WP6K model from the MyWeigh collection is by far the most superior in functionality and quality. Featuring a dual lit red LCD screen with a weight capacity of 6000 grams and the ability to measure down to 0.05 grams this digital weed scale is worth its price point. The WP6K is designed with a completely waterproof case that is IP68 certified and has a liquid leveling feature alongside four sturdy adjustable feet. This cannabis scale comes with a wall adapter but can also function for short periods on rechargeable batteries, which come included making it semi-portable. Backed by a 30-year warranty, one thing is for sure, after this investment you will likely never need another scale.

Where to buy this cannabis scale? You can purchase a MyWeigh WP6K by visiting will ship this model at no additional cost to almost anywhere in Canada.

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