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Published May 27, 2021 12:00 p.m. ET
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The mood strikes, so you gather your herb and some rolling papers, but you now need to clear a space for the rolling to take place. Rolling trays are a necessity for keeping all of your herb in one place. A rolling tray ensures that your weed ends up in your joint bowl rather than on the shag carpet.

Custom rolling trays are a statement and a means to express your individuality. There are companies that are creating fully customized printed rolling trays that are defiantly worth taking a look at.

Cannabis Promotions

For custom branded rolling trays and smoke-related products, this company employs  talented house design teams whose sole interest is to work with you, the consumer creating a unique brand that will put your rolling tray above all competition. Using the highest quality products, the company guarantees a 100 percent satisfaction rate on the rolling trays manufactured The company stands by the claim of a refund or new product if you are not satisfied. Materials are varied and include custom rolling trays made from plastic melamine and tin.


This company will provide you with an eye-catching and conversation-starting weed tray. The Zkittlez Glow  Rolling trays are the optimum roll-in-the-dark experience. The trays are the first in the world that illuminate with LED lights. Six multicolor LED lights and a party automatic mode roll-in-the-dark. The glow trays have a large surface and come with raised edges to prevent any spillage of herb . Your other accessories also have a safe place to be kept on the eye-catching custom rolling tray.

The rolling trays feature a rechargeable 6-hour 1800mAh battery with extended double battery life. The trays come with a fast-charging USB C charging cable. To complete the whole custom rolling tray experience, your weed tray will be encased in a beautiful microsuede carrying bag.

TH Custom Promotions

If your purse strings are a little tight, then you will be happy to find that the custom rolling trays from this company are affordable and durable. When ordering from this company, your custom rolling trays will be made of silk-screened ABS plastic, or you can choose full-color printed Melamine.

Some of the most interesting weed trays from this company include:

  • The High Flyer is a perfect promotional product for your cannabis company.

  • Adding your custom imprint makes this a perfect weed tray for handing out at trade shows and promotional events.

Queenin and Blingin

The mission of this green company is to provide innovative custom Bling and other pretty handmade things. The small owned from home business is the brainchild of Netta CEO/owner/Queen.

  • The amazing custom-designed rolling tray sets are defiantly an eye-catching centerpiece for your coffee table.

  • How perfect is your face transposed onto your rolling tray playing your favorite song while you roll the perfect joint?

  • The weed trays are so beautiful that you may choose to hang them on the wall as fine art or to complete a family wall of snapshots.

However you choose to display this custom rolling tray, it will only add a definable piece of art to your home. Custom rolling trays, although not necessary, can complete your cannabis experience. Your personality can be revealed to all that have the pleasure of using your weed tray.

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