What you need to know about Nugg Club

Published Nov 9, 2021 02:00 p.m. ET
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Nugg Club is one of the most highly rated cannabis subscription boxes out there, and though its reach is still somewhat limited right now, those who reside in serviced parts of California like Los Angeles, Orange Country, Inland Empire, Oakland, and the Bay area are absolutely loving it! This exclusive cannabis subscription box is delivered once each month, and it’s one of very few companies to add more than accessories to their deliveries. That’s right, with Nugg Club, members can pay a little bit more to get actual weed in their mystery boxes, a rare and exceptional service.

The perks

  • Nugg Club members can choose a mystery box to suit any budget or need, which means dabbers can opt to get concentrate compatible gear, and tokers can sign up for a different option that will include helpful tools like bongs, papers, or pipes.

  • There is a small and large monthly subscription option available ranging from $80-$120

  • Small mystery boxes include 2-4 products each month, and large subscribers receive 5-7 products

  • Deliveries arrive at your door monthly or bi-monthly, according to your preference

  • Many products included are exclusive to Nugg Club members, which means that you won’t find them in any dispensary

  • Medical patients 18+ and recreational consumers 21+ are welcome to order

  • Zero delivery fees

  • Personalizable choices

  • Expert curators work to bring you the best local cannabis has to offer

Adding extra products to a mystery box

As if getting a box of sweet cannabis goodies wasn’t enough, Nugg Club also offers add-on specials that make membership even more worth it. Customers can select from various flower or concentrate options at a huge 60% discount which is pretty amazing.

Do you have to sign up for a monthly subscription?

The downside of a cannabis subscription box is that you do have to commit to the recurring purchase if you want in on the goods, and this is the same with Nugg Club because they don’t offer one-time purchases. However, they do allow you to skip an order or place an account on hold if something comes up where you can’t afford or don’t want another one just yet.

Excellent customer service

Nugg Club offers a satisfaction guarantee that’s so good they encourage disappointed customers to reach out so that they can correct the problem rather than losing a loyal buyer. Though they don’t promise a full refund if you’re not entirely happy with the products, the company is well known for its fast replacement of disappointing items to keep people happy.

A positive environmental impact

Nugg Club subscription boxes are approximately 90% more energy-efficient than in-store shopping alternatives, which in this case means 250,000 lbs. fewer CO2 emissions are making it into the environment. They do this by delivering in bulk, investing in recyclable packages and materials, and creating labels with sustainable soy-based ink. Isn’t that incredible?

How to order from Nugg club

By now, you’re probably wondering how to get one of these bad boys for yourself, and we’re here to tell you that it’s easy! All you have to do is log on to the Nugg Club website, where you’ll be able to follow the prompts that will take you through the process of ordering your very own mystery box. It’s that easy!

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