What to expect from the new smart cannabis dosing device Mode

Published Jan 27, 2021 10:00 a.m. ET
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Removing the guesswork from dosing and providing an ideal experience every time you indulge in your favourite strain of cannabis is the flagship product Mode’s intention. The world's first universal smart marijuana dosing device and app for 510 marijuana cartridges are now available for purchase. Mode controls the consumption of weed through the consumer's fingertips with ease.

Stephen Bates, co-founder, and director of product is precise about the product Mode being more than just another average good time or means to escape. The Mode is a powerful tool for wellness and health. If you need a pain reliever or a spark of creativity, Mode can fulfill your unique needs through your endocannabinoid system. The idea for Mode originated when one of the visionaries of Mode, Izzy Kirsh, suffered an injury, which led him to realize the need for precise and sensible dosing of cannabis.

Mark Wagner, Izzy Kirsh, and Stephen Bates collaborated with a world-class engineering and design team and raised 2.5 million in funding to bring Mode to light and the cannabis market. The original plan was to solve the dosing dilemma that many medical cannabis users are confronted with. However, what the trio ultimately created was a one of a kind device that offers more precise control as well as a better experience for both medical and recreational cannabis users.


  • Universal 510 Compatibility enables the user the freedom to enjoy their favourite strains from some of the best brands on the market today.

  • Real-Time Dosing Control provided by allowing users the ability to adjust the dose with precision down to the milligram

  • Quick-Snap Connector allows the swapping of 510 cartridges to be a simple snap. There is no twisting or screwing involved.

  • Child/Tamper-Proof is provided by enabling Mode to be locked remotely with the app or manually.

  • Connected Mode App features a first-time mobile app dashboard for providing personalized weed consumption. Detailed dosage plans are available, along with product information.

  • Hepatic Guidance is part of Modes design, which lets the user know when to stop inhaling and when to exhale by initiating a gentle vibration from the device.

  • Fast charging and long-lasting

  • Charges via USB

  • The construction of Mode is sturdy with inert and stable materials. This enables a firm promise that the only thing that is entering your body through the use of the Mode vape pen is cannabis itself. There is no hazardous chemical that can stem from using the vape pen device.

    Final words

    Marijuana is a dosage-sensitive substance that does not fit into a one size fits all category, as it impacts each person differently. The Mode unit is available for about 100 dollars US., and shipping of the vape pen hand-held device will be available in the first half of 2021. The three years that the trio took to deliver this state-of-the-art device was time well spent because it will provide the average cannabis user with an ideal cannabis experience every time they use this vape pen, better known as Mode.

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