What to expect from the Hamilton Hempfest Cannabis Expo in 2019

Published May 15, 2019 10:49 a.m. ET
HempFest Canada are the organizers of the Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Hamilton, Halifax and Winnipeg HempFest Cannabis Expos. Reach them on Twitter @hempfest_canada 

Now that cannabis is a legal industry in Canada, there are plenty of new and exciting festivals, conferences, and expos happening right across the country. So many, in fact, that it’s not hard to find a new one or two halls that are hosting a marijuana-focused gathering at least twice a month. The trouble for many is how expensive travel can be. Luckily, if you are in southern Ontario during the month of June, there is a Hempfest coming soon to you. Hamilton will be the next host for Hempfest, with hundreds of tickets available to the public at a cost that won’t break the bank, but is it worth it to attend? Well, we will let you decide that for yourself, but we have a feeling it’s the place you’ll want to be if you have any interest in marijuana use or education.

Despite the event using the title Hempfest, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that this is mainly a consumer-focused event that features very little to do with the hemp plant itself. The majority of the entertainment, speakers, and vendors lined up for the two-day expo are all established in the marijuana industry. Whether you are a consumer who is interested in checking out the hottest product lineups that will be hitting the Canadian market in October 2019, a dispensary owner who is seeking inspiration and connections for contracts, a vendor who would like to show off some of your ideas and or products, or an investor who wants in on the brand new bustling Canadian cannabis industry. This is precisely where you will want to be.

What you can expect

If you do decide to attend this year’s hottest and most talked about Hempfest Cannabis Expo, you will not be disappointed. With everything from live and in action glass blowing artists, a safe outdoor space to enjoy a little green with fellow marijuana enthusiasts, education about the medicinal aspects of cannabinoids, tool demonstrations, over 36 exhibitors to browse, and so much more. It’s no wonder that ticket spaces are limited and selling out fast!

Featured exhibitors

So far there are a total of six featured exhibitors that you should definitely check out.

1. Grow Legally

A Toronto based medical marijuana licencing clinic that puts patients needs first by connecting them with qualified doctors, producers, and paperwork to grow as much cannabis as required for medical reasons.

2. Cannadora

A Canadian based company that is one of the best and most established cannabis accessory and information vendors in the industry.

3. Jacqui Childs

Jacqui is a long time marijuana advocate, public figure, and social media influencer with well over 2 million followers worldwide, and her own product line of cannabis-based creams and oils that you won’t want to miss.


4. Crop Kings

The true King of the marijuana seed industry is Crop Kings Seeds, who have been providing patients, personal growers, and licenced producers with high-quality strains and only the best seeds. Whether you are looking for autoflowering, feminized, CBD pure, or any other type of cannabis seeds, these guys will have you covered.

5. Cannabis Code

If you are a new, interested or existing cannabis producer, vendor, dispensary than you might want to swing by Cannabis Code who provides marketing, website design, and branding for some of the largest competitors in the Canadian Cannabis industry.

Exhibitor List

Here’s a rundown of the rest of the exhibitors who have secured a space at the Hamilton Hempfest Cannabis Expo so far.

  • Alive Intention Bracelet
  • 180 Smoke
  • 420 Events
  • A&L Labs
  • Canna Cruise Inc
  • Canna BRB
  • Cannabis Code
  • Coast 2 Coast
  • Green Valley Wellness
  • Flaming Hemp
  • Dongguan Lvyuan Plastic Products Co LTD
  • Hippe Pops
  • Flow Scientific LTD.
  • Hamilton Vape
  • TheHotCase
  • Kush Oil
  • James E. Wagner Cultivation
  • Organo Gold
  • Papes
  • Native Seeds
  • Pouch Makers
  • PotAway
  • Pura Vida
  • Resolve
  • Rapid Stack Grow Pots
  • Smoke Effects
  • U-BUD
  • Ultra Trimmer Canada
  • Where Heads Meet
  • Viperial

Location, dates, and ticket cost

The Hempfest Expo will be held at the Hamilton Convention Center, which is located at 1 Summers Lane in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. This particular expo is a full two days including Saturday, June 1 from 12pm to 6pm, and Sunday, June 2 from 12pm to 5pm. Tickets for either day are $20 each, or score yourself a full weekend pass for $30 per person.

Advanced tickets to the Hempfest Cannabis Expo in Hamilton are available at a discount, and attendees must be 19 + to come out, so don’t forget your ID.

Where to buy tickets to the Hamilton Hempfest Cannabis Expo

This year you have two options for ticket purchasing. You can get tickets at the door, but they are limited in numbers, and will be available on a first come first served basis. If you can’t make it down in person then opt to buy them online instead  by visiting www.eventbrite.ca



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