What to expect at the 2019 Toronto Lift and Co. Cannabis Expo

Published Jun 4, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
Credit: Lift & Co, Check out their Facebook and Instagram

Now that Canadians have had six months to let the idea of marijuana legalization set in, there are a lot of new people who are beginning to show interest in the cannabis industry. Whether you want to learn how to start a weed business, looking for new and exciting products, or just wondering what’s happening in the brand-new world of legal marijuana, the Lift and Co. Cannabis Expois precisely where you should be next weekend.

Where is it:

This year’s Lift and Co. Cannabis Expo is being held in the heart of Toronto’s entertainment district at the north building Metro Toronto Convention Centre, which is located at 255 Front Street.

When is it?

The three-day event offers three unique experiences based on attendee’s preference.

Business Conference - Day 1: Thursday, June 6 from 8 am to 7 pm

Expo Industry Day - Day 2: Friday, June 7 from 10 am to 5 pm

Expo Consumer Weekend - Day 3: Saturday, June 8 from 10 am to 6 pm

What to expect


Which day you want to attend will dramatically alter the experience, and the one you select should depend on the reason for your visit. That is because each time slot will host activities, talks, and exhibitors that are geared towards specific needs of the consumer, business owners, and interested entrepreneurs.

Day 1 - Lift and Co. Cannabis Expo Business Conference Day
The very first day of this cannabis expo is a business conference that allows for collaboration and an insight into the Canadian cannabis industry. This all-day conference will feature talks on growing marijuana, how to start a weed business, and include highlights that focus on the ever-changing landscape that is being altered by the demand of consumers. Come out and meet some of the country’s top cannabis business players and learn all there is to know about the most recent changes, opportunities, and readily available services within the Canadian cannabis industry sector.

Day 2 - Lift and Co. Cannabis Expo Industry Day
The Industry only day is slightly different from the first and will include over 250 exhibitors who are seeking professional connections within the Canadian cannabis industry. This day is exclusively for dispensary owners, marijuana growers, and other business-savvy folks who either already own or would like to investigate how to start a weed business. If you are seeking a more personal exchange with global cannabis industry leaders, than this might be the perfect day for you.

Day 3 - Lift and Co. Cannabis Expo Consumer Weekend
This day is dedicated to cannabis enthusiasts and is expected to draw massive crowds since this year’s Expo is the very first since marijuana legalization. Listen in to interesting discussions on DNA and dosing, cannabis and sexual intimacy, CBD myths, parenting with cannabis, and so much more, while shopping and browsing the over 250 exhibitors that will be present to show off their skills, goods, and services. Whether you are seeking a new career in the marijuana industry, looking for brand new products to buy and sell, or are just interested in seeing the latest and greatest cannabis companies from all over the world, this is the day you are going to want to mark on your calendar.

Featured speakers

If you see a speaker mentioned here that you’d like to see, be sure to check the schedules that can be found by visiting https://lifftexpo.ca to find their time slot.

  • Deborah Rosati
  • Matei Olaru
  • Cy Scott
  • Will Stewart
  • Peter Aceto
  • Vivien Azer
  • Matthew Nordgren
  • Tahira Rehmatullah
  • Mike Wagman
  • Dr. Richa Love
  • Dr. Philippe Lucas
  • Dr. Danial Schecter
  • Dr. Michael Verbora
  • Abi Roach
  • Greg Smith
Credit: Lift & Co

Featured exhibitors

The over 250 exhibitors will be available on both Friday and Saturday. Here are just a few of the hottest names that you can expect to find at this year’s Lift and Co Cannabis Expo. For the full list of registered exhibitors, you can visit https://liftexpo.ca for more information.

  • 180 Smoke
  • AAPS
  • ACG Worldwide
  • Advanced Extraction Systems
  • Advanced Nutrients
  • Alpine Innovative Research
  • Association Canadienne de Cannabis
  • Aurora
  • Backroom Grow
  • Biome Grow
  • Blue Sky Organic
  • Boveda
  • Canadawide Scientific
  • Canaguard
  • Cannador
  • CannTx
  • Delta-9
  • Destiny Organics
  • Evolved Extractions Solutions
  • EctraktLAB
  • Freedom Cannabis
  • Good Green Earth Co.
  • Greenstar
  • Headset
  • HEXO
  • Indiva
  • Kanata Earth
  • Keystone Labs
  • LiquiMedLock
  • Magical Butter
  • Muskoka Grown
  • O’Cannabis
  • Pineapple Express Delivery
  • PurCann Pharma
  • Pure Hemp
  • Quality Green
  • Qwest
  • RealCanna
  • Safeleaf
  • Stealth Box
  • Stashlogix
  • Storz & Bickel
  • Synr.g
  • The Yield Grow Corp
  • Top Leaf
  • Urban-grow
  • VividGro
  • West Coast Gifts
  • Xscape


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