Weed strains that can help to take the edge off this Valentine's Day

Published Feb 10, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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February 14th is drawing closer and it’s a brand-new year, and a fresh opportunity to make the best of this holiday, so why not do things differently this year and plan some specific weed strains to pack away for the special day.

If we’ve almost lost you in thinking this is just another thing that’s for couples only, you might want to hold out and read on, because even though these weed strains can help to heat things up in the bedroom, they can also be incredibly soothing for someone who is just chilling with some good friends, or alone for what is to many, a dreaded day.

How can these weed strains help?

What you can get from this handy list of strains will depend on what your plans are for the big day, but we’ll break it down into two groups. One that is for couples and the other with more relevant information for singles.

If you have a special someone that you plan on spending Valentine’s Day with, then these weed strains can help to get you into the mood. Though most people know cannabis for it’s sedating abilities, it can create a fire in the bedroom under the right circumstance. A lot of people struggle with emotions and anxieties on Valentine’s day, especially once under pressure to perform in the bedroom, but all of these weed strains can help you to relax and maintain a good mood, which can ultimately lead to better sex.

For those who don’t have any special plans with someone for Valentine’s day, the aphrodisiac like effects might not necessarily come in handy, but the full-body sense of relaxation and heightened focus can make for a great pairing with just about any activity including watching movies, gaming, cleaning, organizing, designing, painting, and more. Instead of sulking around all alone with nothing to do, make it a party of one, or invite a few friends for a great evening of fun with some great weed strains.

The best weed strains for Valentine’s Day

To figure out the best weed strains for Valentine's Day, we had to take into consideration a few things including aphrodisiac like effects, an uplifting feel, and a lack of sedation, as no one wants to fall asleep when the party’s just getting started. Below you will find some of the most popular weed strains that offer all of that and more.


1. Death Star
The Death Star strain is 2014 Cannabis Cup winner and a potent cross between Sour Dream and Diesel.

2. Sour Dream
This weed strain’s name eludes to its smooth flavor, the result of a combination of genetics from both Sour Diesel and Blue Dream.

3. Blue Cheese
The Blue Cheese strain is an Indica dominant phenotype that is known for its pungent aroma and fast-hitting effects.

4. Ultimate Trainwreck
Though Ultimate Trainwreck is potent, you wouldn’t predict that when looking at it’s predominantly Sativa background, and so far, how exactly this one came about is largely unknown.

5. Blue Dream
The Blue Dream strain is an even balance of both Haze and Blueberry strains, and though the name implies a sedative effect, it’s a great choice for when you have something to do.

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