Vaping comes in a variety of flavors and cannabis products

Published Jul 8, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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Vaping has taken the world by storm and caught on as a craze that is nearly unstoppable, and though the industry has hit a few bumps along the way with reports of illness and even death related to the practice, it is still a widely accepted consumption choice, and the sheer number of people who are interested in it is continuously growing for a good reason.

Why would anyone choose to vape?

Vaping is a personal decision that is made for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the consumer is concerned about health issues that could be caused by smoking, or maybe they’re looking for a more intense type of experience that they’re no longer getting with regular old cannabis flower. In some instances, it’s just what’s recommended, be it by health professional or friends, but the main reason that so many people choose to vape is that it offers a multitude of various experiences that can suit nearly any cannabis user’s needs.

Pot products that can be vaped

When you think of vaping, what type of image does it bring to mind? Do you see a sleek new pen filled with cannabis-infused vape juice or maybe a larger, more powerful tool that can vaporize entire buds in the blink of an eye? Though most people know that you can buy pre-filled carts at a dispensary, very few who don’t use vapes realize just how many different types of cannabis products they can use. Now, it is important to note that not every vape is going to be compatible with the products listed here, but this should give you a good example of the many pot products that can be vaped.

  • Kief
  • Cannabis flower
  • Shatter
  • Honey oil
  • Wax
  • BHO
  • Terp sauce
  • Hash
  • Rosin
  • Crystals
  • Vape juice

The benefits of vape juice


A lot of people know vaping because of the popularity of the more affordable disposable vape pens that seem to be just about everywhere these days. Though they were initially most widely accessible on the black market, in countries where cannabis is legal, they are quickly becoming a staple hot seller for dispensaries. Though you can get high with cannabis flower alone in a vaporizer, vape juice offers some pretty incredible benefits that keep customers continuously coming back for more.

  • More control over the high
  • Less coughing
  • Flavors are an option
  • Cannabis strain mixes
  • Believed to be healthier than smoking
  • Less smell
  • No more need for a rolling kit

The way of the future

If you want to learn more about the art, benefits, and steps that might be necessary for a beginner whose never vaped, then you might want to check out our handy article titled Vaping 101 which covers all of the different types, costs, pros, cons, and ways to use them. It might be a tad uncomfortable at first, but the evolution of cannabis consumption is an exciting thing to partake in, and it can really help to bring some new excitement to an old hobby, which is something that every experienced cannabis enthusiast should try out at least once.

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