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Published Feb 20, 2019 01:56 p.m. ET
10 Best Marijuana Strains for Sex

Every experienced marijuana user knows that sex when on weed can be either amazing or a complete snooze. If you haven’t had a positive experience with smoking weed and then having sex, then chances are you just aren’t smoking the right strains.

1. Atomic Northern Lights

This Indica dominant hybrid features a full body tingling sensation that smells sweet and tastes like berries. Atomic Northern Lights is one of the least known arousal strains while also being one of the easiest to obtain due to its popularity. With a 14% average of THC content, this is one of the most effective aphrodisiac weed strains. It won’t put you to sleep but will relax you enough to keep going for hours.

2. Chocolate Chunk

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This Indica is one of the tastiest arousal strains. Not only does it smell and taste just like chocolate with a hint of coffee, but it also creates an incredibly hypnotic mind effect due to it's higher 16%-18% THC content. Chocolate Chunk is a unique aphrodisiac weed strain due to the smell being about as far from any traditional weed smell possible keeping use discreet and enjoyable.

3. Purple Princess

Purple Princess is a hybrid and widely known as an effective stress reliever and muscle relaxant. The experience of using this strain goes way beyond the usual smell and taste. The visual appeal of the purple, royal strain is enough on its own to make your mouth water. While at first glance many assume the flavor would be berry it’s typically described as a lighter earthier taste with a fruity smell and contains an average 15%-19% THC keeping the mind clear and the bodily juices flowing.

4. Grand Daddy Purple

This is one of the best arousal strains and is Indica based. The big Grand Daddy Purple Strain is most recommended for well-seasoned users due to its extremely high 24% THC average. Much like the Purple Princess, the bright violet colored buds are beautiful just to view and even more amazing to smoke. The effects from this one are intense but also uplifting making it a perfect tool for winding down after the big V-day date night that will help you lead up to a euphoric roll in the hay.

5. Sour Dream

This hybrid contains genetics from both Sativa and Indica strains pairing what is often considered to be the best of both worlds. The intense tingly full body high on top of light but long-lasting head buzz makes for one of the best aphrodisiac weed strains — another for those who are experienced in having sex on weed due to its high 21% THC average making it a possible deal breaker for newbies who may be too overwhelmed by the effects to properly enjoy the experience.

6. Green Crack


Though this one may be a Sativa, don’t let that fool you. Green crack is known for its ability to produce effects more in line with those expected from an Indica while also having the light taste and smell leaving the user feeling refreshed rather than exhausted and ready for sleep. With a decent 16%- 20% THC content, this one is one of the best aphrodisiac weed strains for users with any experience level. With the effects being more manageable and its taste being similar to mint Green Crack could be the perfect addition to your date night this Valentine’s Day.

7. Ultimate Trainwreck

Not to be confused with just regular trainwreck. The Ultimate Trainwreck sounds more like something you would use to fall asleep than something useful in the bedroom for other reasons, but its Sativa lineage keeps its effects uplifting and energetic. With an average 15, %-20% the intensity of the experience can range a bit but overall are relaxing inducing a happy state of mind with a tingly sensation of being high while remaining functional.

8. Danky Doodle

If you are looking to have great sex on weed than this Indica aphrodisiac strain might be just what you need. With a light sweet skunky smell and a taste that is powerful and mouthwatering,this is one of the ultimate arousal weed strains due to its production of not only THC but also CBD. Both of these chemical components together provide both anti-inflammatory properties as well as a fast-acting high. This is one of the most recommended aphrodisiac weed strains for those who experience any form of discomfort during sex. With a relatively wide range of anywhere from 15%-21% THC user’s looking for a milder version have the option, and those more experienced can enjoy themselves as well.

9. Yumbolt

The Yumbolt is another favorite strain due to its range in THC averages ranging from 12%-25%. This Indica’s exact effects will depend on the potency chosen but overall offer a sweet, soothing smell and taste while inducing a euphoric state that can last upwards of 4-6 hours. Unfortunately, this one is found mainly in California and a few select other states and can be hard to obtain depending on your location.

10. Hindu Skunk

One from the infamous skunk family this Indica carries all of the popular skunk qualities such as potent taste and effects very stereotypical of pot and is one of the most widely bred and therefore easiest to access of any aphrodisiac weed strains. With an average of 23% THC, Hindu Skunk is more suitable for regular users who are looking for an intense high as the primary benefit when having sex on weed.

Aphrodisiac weed strains AKA arousal strains can not only make you honey. They can also magnify the intensity of orgasm and help to relax those who may be nervous or shy. While there aren’t any strains of marijuana that will make your partner strip on the spot, the aphrodisiac weed strains on this list are sure to help grease the wheels leading up to a steamy session of euphoric bliss that you will want to experience again and again.



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