How to flavor your THC vape oil

Published Sep 8, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
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The legalization of cannabis has opened doors to many different methods of consuming marijuana by introducing many new products to use in a variety of often healthier options.

Vape oil is becoming a popular way of consuming THC for recreational or medicinal uses

When you vape THC oil, you can taste the marijuana terpenes in their purest form. There is no combustion or burning of the herb which protects the natural and added flavors of your THC oil or THC juice. Flavors are essential, and being able to add new tastes to your THC oil is a critical piece of knowledge for the most experienced connoisseurs.

What is THC juice?

THC juice is simply the extraction of which cannabinoids and terpenes you require from the fresh cannabis. If you enjoy a potent THC juice, do your research and look for dry cannabis high in THC levels. Perhaps look for Strawberry Banana with average THC contents about 31%, or Chewdawg whose THC levels can reach 32%.

What is THC oil?

Keep in mind that THC oil is not the same as hemp oil. THC oil will provide you with a high experience, derived from the extracted THC in the plant, where hemp oil is taken for other purposes.

Common methods of extraction

CO2 and alcohol are common forms of commercial extraction. It is resulting in a product that is a highly concentrated, very potent liquid. The liquid is then put in a carrier oil such as MCT oil, or some people use hemp oil. THC oil can be used in numerous different styles of vape pens.

Potency of THC juice

THC juice for vaping can contain 80-90% THC as compared to the dry bud containing around the 20% THC level. You will experience a much higher feeling with smaller hits using this form.

How to make THC vape oil


For home cooks and DIY fanatics who fancy making their own flavored THC vape oil let's look at the process. This is a straightforward method using a microwave.

· Choose your marijuana concentrate, making sure that it contains no raw plant matter. Use shatter, distillates, or honey oil, and avoid using Keif, Bubble Hash, or Hash as they contain raw plant matter that will not liquidize.

· Choose a flavor of Wax Liquidize that pleases your palate. Some sought after flavors are pineapple, grape, and Ice Hit.

· You will now combine one gram of your chosen concentrate with 2 milliliters of Wax Liquidizer

· In a microwave-safe container microwave for ten seconds, stir till concentrate is infused to a liquid form

· That's all that is needed for this simple way of flavoring your THC vape juice. You are now able to store your vape juice for later use in a cool darker area in your home.

Benefits of using THC juice

When you use concentrates in any method, vaping is one, make sure you follow the rules. Go low and slow to enjoy your experience with THC vaping juice. Vaping THC oil is:

  • More potent
  • Discreet
  • Quicker
  • Cleaner

Now it's time to get ready for an evening of high-quality homemade tasty vape oil. Using Wax Liquidizer makes the process simple and easy. The equipment needed is simple, and the time required for the infusion is exceptionally minimal, considering the difference that it makes. For turning your cannabis products into tasty and mouthwatering flavored THC juice look for Wax Liquidator which is available in many different flavors including:

  • Strawberry Cough
  • Banana OG
  • Original
  • Pineapple Express
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