Try these 5 delicious fruity cannabis beverages

Published Jan 20, 2023 02:00 p.m. ET

Cannabis drinks have come a long way from the steeped weed tea your grandmother used to make. With so many incredible options you can enjoy the benefits of the plant, and any cannabinoid you desire combined with the sweet flavors you crave. Fruity cannabis beverages are among some of the most popular on the market, consisting of juices, seltzers, tonics, and soda, and here we’re going to show you some of the best ones we’ve tried this year.

1. Blood Orange Cardamom by CANN Social Tonic

If you’re a lover of all things citrus then this blood orange tonic might be just the thing to hit the spot. Sold in packs of four, the blend of herbs, carbonation agave sugar, and pure (not concentrated) orange juice straight from Sicily is one of a kind, and it comes infused with 2 mg of THC and 4 mg of CBD. With a hint of cardamom, the flavor is uplifting and tangy.

2. Lemon-Lime Sativa Craft Soda by Zele

Quench your thirst with thisrefreshing twist of lemon and lime made by Zele using only all-natural ingredients, and 10 mg of THC that’s formulated to make it fast acting so the effects kick in sooner, and wear off faster than most other cannabis beverages. This Sativa, full spectrum craft soda is a splash of heaven in a glass bottle, so you can rest easy knowing you're doing your part for the environment, by recycling, and it tastes so good!

3. Blackberry and Juniper Berry Sparkling Beverage by UbU

Sparkling water fanatics are going to love the sweet aroma and familiar feel delivered by Blackberry and Juniper Sparkling beverages. With all-natural aromas, 20 mg of CBD, and no THC, it’s the perfect cannabis drink no matter what time of the day, because it isn’t going to leave you feeling ‘high’, and it may even provide a boost of motivation that helps you to get through the day. The only downside is that they’re only available in singles, so don’t forget to grab an extra one for later.

4. Black Cherry Rapid Seltzer by Versus

This crisp sweet Black Seltzer is created with a unique emulsion technology to provide faster delivery of effects with a barely noticeable cannabis taste or smell. Weighing in at 10 mg of THC, this carbonated cannabis drink is refreshing and satisfying even for those with a slightly higher tolerance.

5. CBD Goji Grapefruit Kombucha by Impromptu

If you want a cannabis drink that’s sexy, sleek, and wonderfully tart while enjoying the benefits of a potent blend of both THC and CBD, then this CBD GOJI Grapefruit Kombucha checks all those boxes and more! This unique sparkling tea is fermented offering a delightful tangy flavor that’s all-natural.

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