Treating arthritis with CBD oil

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:12 p.m. ET

 CBD is the second most renown cannabinoid produced by cannabis plants. The effects Of CBD Oil on arthritis can be widely beneficial for many reasons. The most important benefits of CBD oil are for pain relief caused by arthritis. CBD oil can be ingested orally in drop form, through edibles, smoked, vaped or used topically. It is easy to treat symptoms where they are and in whatever way feels most beneficial to you. Smoking CBD oil through unconventional methods is rarely recommended since it is mainly used for health reasons and is considered most effective when ingested in the cleanest way possible.

Benefits of cannabis oil for pain

CBD interacts with the immune system and the brain's receptors. CBD oil can reduce pain, discomfort, and inflammation which is especially useful when treating arthritis. It also has anti-seizure components and can help those who suffer from sleep-related issues such as insomnia or constant restlessness. Since inflammation is the main contributor to the pain felt by those with arthritis, as the CBD works it takes down the swelling, and the pain will lessen even in extreme cases.

Best CBD for arthritis

Now that you know the benefits of CBD for arthritis, I’m sure you are wondering which CBD oils come most recommended to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. Here we will list the three most recommended CBD oils along with where you can buy them and then we will close with a how-to guide for those interested in making their own.

  1. Purekana
    Cost: $45-$139
    Pure Kanais the number one oil manufacturer right now and has been titled The Best Pure CBD Oil Producer of 2018. Puekana uses a special technique using co2 to extract the CBD from plant material. Boasting 99% purity and offering a wide range of non-GMO, organic, certified not psychoactive products to choose from. You can find it at, and they ship almost anywhere in the world.

  2. Green Roads
    Cost: $25-$65
    Green Roads focus more on potency than anything and have been certified safe for taking orally and can also be smoked or vaped as is. Green Roads is one of the most affordable companies offering some of the highest CBD content products on the market. This one has the bonus of the entire process being overseen by a licensed pharmacist and is a fan favorite. Most widely known for their products effectiveness you can’t go wrong with this one. To purchase this one go to

  3. Premium Jane
    Cost: $45-$125
    Even those familiar with CBD oils may not have heard of this one. Premium Jane is the youngest company on the list and only carries a total of four products. Each of their products is handcrafted and heavily scrutinized which has made them one of the most consistent CBD oil manufacturers to date. While they only have a few items, they have certainly perfected them. Offering organic, and non-GMO oils including some of the most enjoyable flavors like vanilla bean and citrus. This line is not for smoking but is high quality. If you would like to check them out, you can purchase their oils by visiting

How to make CBD oil

Start with 1 ounce of dry bud. 1 ounce will produce an average of 4 grams of oil. The exact amount of oil produced per ounce will depend on the strain you choose as a base. Make sure to begin a bud that contains the highest levels of CBD possible.


  • 2 large containers
  • 1 oz of dried herb
  • 99% isopropyl alcohol
  • 1 wooden spoon
  • 1 strainer

Step 1- Put one ounce into a large container. Wet the plant matter with only a small portion of the 500ml of alcohol.

Step 2 - Crush the plant material using a clean wooden spoon. The material will be damp, and it will be relatively easy to crush.

Step 3 - Continue crushing the material, while adding half of the remainder of the alcohol until the plant material is completely covered. Continue to stir the mixture for five minutes. This is the extraction stage, and the alcohol is pulling the CBD from the plant.

Step 4 - Pour the mixture into another container straining the plant matter with a strainer or cheesecloth. Now, you have collected somewhere about 80% of the plants CBD.

Step 5 - Add the rest of the alcohol to the plant matter and stir it for another five minutes to finish extracting any remaining CBD

*Step 6 *- Pour this mix into the container holding the first batch of liquid.

Step 7- Using a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth strain the liquid into a clean container. Now you can throw away the leftover plant materials.

Step 8 - Cook the remaining solvent while avoiding any spark or hot elements. Cooking should be done using a cup warmer, a rice cooker, or something similar for the best results.

Step 9 - Allow to cool and store is a sealable airtight container. Now it’s ready to use!

CBD dose for arthritis

Hope you enjoyed this handy guide to CBD oils and their uses in treating arthritis. Remember it is always recommended to start with the lowest dose possible, only upping your dose after 3 days of seeing no results. When ingesting allows up to four hours for the CBD to take effect fully. This oil is meant to be used orally by either a dropper under the tongue, through edibles, topically or rubbed on the gums to be absorbed but can also be smoked. It is important to note that CBD has shown the ability to interfere with the effectiveness of some prescription medication. If you are currently taking prescribed medication, it is recommended you speak with a health care provider to ensure this doesn't riskto health.


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