Top trendy strains of 2018

Published Mar 12, 2019 09:08 a.m. ET

 What is it that makes a top strain list? Is it the amount of THC, or CBD, who knows. I’m sure that it is a personal preference and thereby will be differently interpreted by all. Here are a few top trendy strains of 2018 that I thought worth mentioning.

Kush strains in 2018

Kush is a particular strain of Indica cannabis; it is descended from the Hindu Kush.

The Kush strain has a few of the following benefits to its name.

  • The appearance of deep green colas and hairs or (pistils) hat may look orange or rust color
  • Smell that wonderful earthy sweet peppery, spicy floral, pungent pine aroma
    The flavor is smooth and flower tasting with grape, diesel, and citrusy notes
  • Heavy and sedative are the usual effects, along with a couch locked euphoria that puts a wonderful smile on your face. Great for meditation.

Depending on the strain of Kush can alter some of these attributes.

Here are some of the top trendy strains of 2018 arriving from the Kush family of marijuana plants.

  • OG Kush: Indica dominant this hybrid will satisfy your euphoric,uplifting needs and is perfect just for making you and the day great
  • Bubba Kush: This Indica-dominant strain may leave you cemented to the couch and not being able to stay out of the cookie jar. Munchies could be a problem, choose healthy snacks
  • Purple Kush: Indica-dominant may give you that sleepy effect, with its grapey flavor
  • Skywalker OG: Well this one is a hybrid and produces a wonderful creeping sedative effect over your whole body
  • Master Kush: Here comes those happy relaxing maybe sleepy effects

Perhaps you are interested in the latest cannabis strains available, here are a few that are worth mentioning. These strains are perhaps some of the dankest weed in 2018

  • The Mac Daddy Strain Or #1 Purple Moby Dick: This strain has been around before, but it is now back with a nice twist. The THC level runs around 21%. The strain produces heavy euphoric feelings. Newbie’s to the cannabis world, I might suggest that you go easy with this one. Oh, and don’t forget to hit the store for the overwhelming munchie effect that is going to kick in

  • Diesel Moonshine: Indica-dominant, with THC levels over 29% this strain should produce those wonderful cerebral effects.

  • Fat Banana: This strain could be called the tropical strain. It really does exude notes of banana and tropical undertones. It is a creeper for those that like that effect and will stay with you for a while

  • White Tahoe Cookies: This is a sweet tasty blend, with moderate levels of THC that will have you happy relaxing and enjoying that soaring euphoria

Do you have around $1,400 to spend on an ounce of weed? If you want to buy the most expensive strains of 2018 in the world, then put your order in for Cannabis Caviar or Ghost Train Haze, it’s 28% THC level, and fruity kush taste will get you ready for an energizing evening, enjoy!



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