Top ten stoner gadgets of 2018

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:12 p.m. ET

With the holidays just around the corner and legalization in full effect, there are a lot more options for the stoner on your list than there used to be. From fancy storage containers to weed memorabilia and other handy stoner tools. These top ten stoner must haves are sure to please just about anyone who enjoys using cannabis. We have been sure to include where to buy and something to suit almost every budget.

  1. Marijuana Tea Infuser
    Cost: $20
    While there are many kinds of marijuana tea infusers on the market, one of the simplest, and cheapest while still maintaining quality is a small herb tea pendant. They are sold for anywhere from $20-$50 on Etsy and can be completely personalized for the user using removable and interchangeable pendants. Perfect for anyone who likes to steep their own home ground teas or coffee grounds with a little extra kick.

  2. iPower Hydroponic Water-Resistant Grow Tent
    Cost: $115.19
    For the grower in your life, the iPower Hydroponic water-resistant grow tent is an excellent deal and currently available on Amazon. This grow system comes in various sizes and sports a sleek black look with a transparent inspection window. This hydroponic grow system takes up minimal space and is covered with a mylar sheet that is removable and washable. It comes complete with exhaust fan, a removable water-resistant tray. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the lights themselves, but it does come with a hanging rack that you can attach almost any light to safely. If you or someone you know needs a little extra help maintaining the perfect conditions for cannabis plants this one is a complete game changer.

  3. Collectible Grinders
    Cost: $20-$40
    Grinders come in all shapes and sizes, but anyone who has used them know some work better than others. For the best weed grinder, you want diamond plating on the grinding points. These collectible grinders come completely personalized with some awesome stoner related sayings and are made using high-quality steel with diamond plating that will last through years of abuse and never rust.

  4. Make Your Own Metal Pipe Kit
    Cost: $20.00
    This kit is amazing for any DIY pro. It comes equipped with 21 different metal pipe pieces that are all interchangeable allowing the user the ability to make 20 different designs of pipes. Right now, it’s sold in blue and black, but there’s word it should be available in red, yellow, green, and purple by Christmas of 2018. Sold and manufactured by SmokeEa, this one is a great deal, and a perfect choice for anyone who likes to tinker and create.

  5. The Knockout
    Cost: $30
    For the folks who like a little alcohol with their weed. The Knockout is an easy to use stoner gadget that can turn any beer bottle into a beer bong, water pipe, gravity pipe, or beer shotgun in mere seconds. It’s dishwasher safe and backed by a two-year warranty. The Knockout is perfect for parties and a really neat tool that is sure to impress any alcohol-loving crowd.

  • Smoke Buddy
    While many people love the buzz, the smell isn’t so widely appreciated by all, and since many of us must share ventilation systems with our neighbors, it makes sense to find the simplest and cheapest solution to the stank. The smoke buddy is a famous must have for anyone needing to smoke discreetly. It comes in a wide range of colors and is small enough to carry around in a pocket or purse. This personal air filter will make it easier to keep those around you happy, and your house scent free.

  • Comical Zippo
    Cost: $27
    Perfect for Star Wars lovers and hater alike. This “come over to the dank side” lighter is not only hilarious, but it’s also affordable. While this one may be more for those who like to flaunt their love for cannabis, it’s a great collectible for those who don’t smoke too. This heavy-duty zippo is reliable and comes coated with a thick rubber which keeps the image fresh even through years of use. This lighter is a perfect addition to our list of must-have stoner stuff of 2018.

  • Herb Guard
    Cost: $44.99
    One of the best stoner gadgets for those of who want to stash their weed. Perfect for those who have roommates they are concerned about or who have children. It comes equipped with two locks, a hard-shell case. It is completely sealable and smell proof. The Herb guard also comes with a few neat stoner accessories like a black smell proof jar for traveling, and two bags that have childproof locks. This one is a favorite amongst parents with kids of any age. Rest easy knowing your bud is safely stored in a way you can depend on.

  • Rick and Morty Stash Box
    Cost: $45
    This kit is not only a great deal but is also available with free shipping for Amazon Prime members. The box includes a two-inch grinder and both the box and grinder sport a photo of the infamous duo giving the finger. The box itself is made of wood and smell proof, and the grinder is made with thick aluminum. This one is for fans and may not be enjoyed to its fullest by those who haven't watched the tv show, but for those who have this is a perfect box with plenty of room to hold all your cool weed accessories.

  • Vinyl Skin Kit
    Cost: $10-$30
    Finally, one for the vapors in your life! A vinyl skin kit is an accessory that can be purchased to decorate and personalize a vape pen. Be cautious when purchasing for others, as not every skin will fit every pen. There are some great options including ones decorated with pot leaves, or realistic images of cannabis plants and they come cheap depending on where you can find them. If you or someone you know could use a colorful boost to your vaping experience than this could be just the addition you have been looking for.

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