Top five carb caps for dabbing

Published Mar 20, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET

Dabbing is a relatively new method of using cannabis that provides some pretty amazing benefits. Unfortunately, the complexity of dab rigs and accessories can be a bit confusing if you don’t know what they are all supposed to do for you. There are many kinds of carb caps to choose from, and each one functions just a little bit different than the last. So which ones are worth it? Well, we will let you decide. Here are five of the best types of carb caps available on the market right now, including how much they cost, and how to use them.

1. Flat top carb cap

Cost: $20

These are the most basic carb cap dabbers and will likely be the cheapest ones you can find. They perform the essential action of a carb cap by trapping the vapors and heat within the chamber. Its handle can also double as a dabbing tool. They are flat and completely solid with no chambers. To use one, you will need to prepare a dab as you normally would, and once the heating element has been applied to the concentrate, you can simply place it over top of the banger. A long handle makes it cool to the touch and easy to remove once finished. They are most often made of glass or metals that can withstand high temperatures.

2. Directional carb cap

Cost: $10 - $25

A directional carb cap dabber requires the user to move it by holding the tip to evenly vaporize larger chunks or globs of cannabis extract. They also come equipped with a globe type chamber that will hold any excess vapor that you aren’t quite ready to inhale yet rather than letting it escape. This carb cap is perfect for dabbing at lower temperatures and has no moving parts to get stuck. Handles on them tend to be shorter than regular carb caps but are still present to give the user a cool section away from the heat. To use a directional carb cap, you would prepare a dab as usual and then press the open bottom of it over top of the banger. It can be moved in a circular motion to evenly distribute the heat and to collect the vapors.

3. Hollow carb cap

Cost: $10-$40


This type of carb cap is most recommended if you have a castle style nail and a banger that is flat and even. Many kinds of nails just won’t align with the center stem or walls of different bangers making them difficult to fully utilize without the addition of a hollow carb. To use this one, you will set up a dab and heat it before sliding the carb cap over the outer walls of the banger. This will provide a unique draw that works well with the majority of dab rigs out there.  

4. Bubble carb cap

Cost: $10 - $35

Since they have an inflated bulb shape, they can work with almost any size or kind of banger, but bubble carb caps are designed to work most efficiently with flat top bangers. One of the best features of this type is its versatility as it also works well with almost any size and type of nail. There are two hollow chambers that protrude from an over-sized bulb, and the open tip will create a seal when pressed against seamlessly. A bubble cap carb works essentially the same way as the others, with the most significant difference being that its size isn’t always so great at holding in the heat making them a better option for high-temperature dabbers.  

5. Quartz banger carb cap

Cost: $10-$40

Quartz banger carb caps are designed to work in combination with both thermal and flat top bangers. They are unique in that they allow the most user control over the direction the vapor travels in. When used in combination with the proper banger the effects are amazing as every single drop is fully utilized. To use one the bottom stem is placed into the banger after it has been loaded and heat has been provided. Moving the handle will control what direction the air inside is traveling with little to no effort. Though some are equipped with a dome, those that don’t have one will still give the added benefit of a larger holding chamber for the vapor which allows the user full control over how large of a hit they must take at once.



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