Top 5 lighters for weed

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:17 p.m. ET

 No matter which way you choose to smoke weed, one thing is for sure, and that is that you will need a lighter to burn your dried bud every time you smoke. People usually put hardly any thought at all into what kind of lighter they are using to smoke, but it's something worth thinking about. The lighter you use can significantly affect the rate your dried herb burns at, the temperature at which it is burned, and the taste of each toke. Some lighters such as Zippos come with a very distinct flavor due to the fumes being released continuously from the lighter fluid inside. Even the wick you use in a zippo can dramatically change the taste and smell. So, what are the best lighters for weed and where can you get one? Well, to help answer that we have compiled a list of the five best lighters for weed. Depending on the lighter you choose, you may be able to find it at a headshop or your local variety store, but many specialty lighters are more easily found online.

  1. Tesla Coil Lighter
    Cost: $16.99
    This lighter is not only neat to watch, but it is also one of the cleanest options since it completely removes the need for butane. Using one of these will not affect the taste of your weed and will give you more control over precisely where the heat is being directed. While one of the most expensive, it is also the most functional. These cool lighters use coils to make a spark instead of traditional flames or wires. With the least functioning parts, it’s likely to last longer than any other lighter if it’s kept dry. The downside is that you cannot get it wet. If it gets wet, it becomes useless. They can be purchased directly from manufacturers or from websites like Amazon. This electric lighter is perfect for use with any device and is one of the most popular on the list.
  1. Zippo Lighter
    Cost: $10-$60
    Zippo lighters have been used and collected for ages and are usually considered to be the best lighter for bongs. They come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes and are one of the easiest to obtain. Usually carried by variety stores and specialty smoking shops and while their price can fluctuate based on the company who made it and what it is made with. The average Zippo sells for less than $50. Zippos come with the amazing consistent ability to stay lit even in humid or wet climates and can be reliably used in the rain. Their drawbacks are that they will affect the taste and just how they affect it will depend on the quality of the fluid you use. They also require constant refilling since much of the fluid evaporates over time.
  1. Butane Torch Lighter
    Cost: $20-$30
    Torch lighters are the best lighter for glass pipes. Since they run at extremely high temperatures, glass is preferred because it will evenly absorb the heat. Metal pipes, on the other hand, will get hot quickly when using a torch. So, they aren’t as enjoyable. One equipped with Anti-Flare technology and a safety lock is the best. Torch lighters can be purchased almost anywhere. You may even come across a cheap one at your local dollar store. Usually, these lighters are quite visually appealing with a metallic shell and made with a cylinder base. The downside to torch lighters is they aren’t always reliable and require frequent refueling lasting no more than a few days on average and even less if being used by a heavy smoker.
  1. Hemp Wick
    Cost: $5-$30
    Hemp wicks really are the best lighters for bowls. While perhaps slightly out of place on this list due to the fact it requires an initial light. Despite that, these all-natural wicks are incredibly functional and great for saving on lighter fuel. To use a hemp wick, you must first measure a wick and line you bowl with it before packing it. Once lit, the wick will continue to burn at a slow, steady pace offering a constant heat source that will keep a bowl lit perfectly. Hemp wicks are made with hemp that is coated in wax and has no aftertaste. They may not replace your regular lighter, but they can be a great addition to your heat element arsenal. They can be purchased through most head shops and even online through Amazon.
  1. Herb Iron
    Cost: $70- $90
    An herb iron is basically the Ferrari of the big wide world of combustion devices. An herb iron is electric and resembles a soldering iron in the way it functions. When purchasing one, it’s best to select a model with an auto shut off feature. There is no flame with an herb iron. Instead, it heats up to or past 230F and when pressed into a bowl will give the same burning effect as any lighter but has absolutely no taste and requires no refilling. They can be used with any smoking apparatus including to light joints. The only downside being that they are electric so usually require either a plug or batteries. If this one has your interest, you can find one at where they carry a variety of colors and features for under $90.

Whether you prefer something flashy or something solely focused on functionality there is something for everyone here. Just remember that even if you can’t get the exact lighter you want, the most important thing is that your lighter burns. End of story. While some of these would be great to have, nothing spectacular is ever required to smoke cannabis.

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