Top 8 desktop vaporizers of 2019

Published May 13, 2019 11:09 a.m. ET
Canadian Press, Andrew Vaughan

Looking for a new and unique alternative to smoking weed? Maybe something a little further removed from handling the marijuana plant? If you are experienced with vaping and just want a little advice before diving into such a substantial investment. Either way, you are guaranteed to find something here that is sure to catch your attention and suit any budget. Stationary vaporizers may come with several different features that can set them out above the rest. Unfortunately, it’s hard to predict how a vape might function without real life advice, especially for those who are just starting out in the vaping world. To help you out we Included you will find the ten most sold, highest rated, and highest quality vaporizers on the market today including a direct link to purchase, cost, and what you can expect from the experience of each individual device. Here are eight of the world's most popular desktop vaporizers that everyone should try at least once.

1. Volcano Vaporizer

Cost: $479

The Volcano Vaporizer is a top of the line desktop style that is world famous for its quality and simplicity. It sports many features including a 3-year warranty, convection heating, medical grade element, balloon bag system, auto shut off, and adjustable precision temperature range of 104 F to 446 F.  It offers one of the smoothest hits of any other like it on the market thanks to its unique balloon system that cools the vapor before it’s inhaled. Included you will find one grinder, one user manual, one air filter, one valve filling chamber, 5 balloons and mouthpieces, 1 concentrate pad, 3 clips, six screens, one cleaning tool, and a soft volcano case.

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2. Extreme-Q

Cost: $169.99

The Extreme-Q was actually released in 2008 and loved by fans all over the world. Its smooth and sleek black casing makes it a high-tech centerpiece that looks great. Features are a fast two minute warm up, a three-year warranty, and ceramic heating element covering all of the essential basics at a fraction of the cost. Included you will find one four piece weed grinder, one stirring tool, 2 mouthpieces and frosted balloons, one glass mini whip, one user manual, and two replacement screens.

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3. Cloud EVO

Cost: $319-400

This vaporizer is perfect for beginners and professional cannabis connoisseurs alike. Use both dry herbs and concentrates in a device that is often compared to the Volcano with a lighter hit which is preferred by many. The vape comes equipped with features that are entirely personalizable. Select your favorite balloons, mouthpiece, cleaning kit, and stash jar and everything else like spare screens and a 3 year warranty come with even the most basic option for a starter kit. You can also fancy it up a bit further with rubber tubes, and other add-ons that are made to work specifically with this vaporizer for a few extra dollars.

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4. E-Nano

Cost: $319-400

This vaporizer utilizes a unique wood maple, cherry, or walnut casing design that makes it perfect to discreetly sit on a shelf out in the open while still avoiding questions. It looks like a Bluetooth speaker at first glance but opens into a fully functioning desktop vape that made from top of the line parts. It’s handcrafted and sports additional features like a straight glass stem that’s easy to clean, and an adjustable temperature dial that ranges from 104 F to 350 F. Extras included are a range from a GonG adapter, an E-nano stand, replacement screens, concentrate cup, e-pick, and a drawstring bag for travel.

Cost: $189.99

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5. The Da Buddha

Cost: $255-$308

This vaporizer is Colorado born and has been around for a few years now, but maintains its status as one of the best vapes on the market even today. It’s a bit more expensive than others of a similar look but produces some of the smoothest and coolest hits you will ever experience. It comes with a ceramic heating element, and dial temperature control with a wider range than most at 104F-600F. The end price depends on which aircraft rated aluminum casing you choose with a sleek black and shiny silver option. Included you will find one whip kit, one steel and marble pick, one storage bag, ten replacement screens, and 3 ft of tubing which is responsible for the most enjoyable hits possible.

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6. Vaporfection Vivape 2

Cost: $279

This vape is Vaporfection's newest design, and it’s getting rave reviews just about everywhere. This high-quality vape system works quickly to deliver a hit and goes from ice cold to ready in under 45 seconds. It’s also one of the quietest stationary vaporizers out there offering a level of discretion that not many others can beat. It is equipped with a temperature control dial, both dry cannabis and concentrate chambers and an automatic shut off feature which is why the Vivape 2 is rated the safest vape of 2018. Inside you will find only the basics, with replacement screens, two mouthpieces, and one mixing tool which is all you need to use it for at least the first six months or so.

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7. Plenty Vaporizer

Cost: $249

The Plenty Vaporizer is another rare gem and offers a unique semi portable experience that most desktop vaporizes simple can’t. Its designed to be comfortably handheld while in use and can last up to 200 uses before needing another 30-minute charge up which is pretty impressive for its size. Just a few perks to a Planty vape are it’s durability, fast heating time, large dry cannabis chamber, digital heat dial, automatic shut off, precise temperature control, and the massive clouds that it produces with ease.

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8. Dr. Dabber Switch

Cost: $399

The Dr. Dabber vape is one of a kind and world famous thanks to its ability to deliver an incredibly fast and consistent experience every single time. This vaporizer comes with features like induction heating, 25 individual temperature settings, self-cleaning mode and it can be used an average of 150 times per charge. It’s a very rare portable desktop model which explains the elevated cost. Included in a purchase one a Dabber starter kit, you will receive one battery pack, one glass percolator, one induction cup for dry cannabis and another for concentrates, one flower filter, one dabbing tool, one charger, one manual, one wax container, and a set of aluminum tweezers.

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