Top 5 steamroller pipes

Published Mar 15, 2019 10:31 a.m. ET

Marijuana steamroller pipes are quickly becoming one of the newest and most popular devices on the market for smoking pot. They offer several benefits including a condensed hit, water-less functioning, and an easy to clean design that any stoner could fall in love with. While they might not be the best option for beginners, more experienced cannabis users that are looking for a more powerful alternative may want to take note of some of the hottest selling steamroller pipes of 2018.

1. Grav Labs 18 Inch Steamroller

Cost: $99.00

The Grav Labs 18-inch steamroller design is one for the record books. With most marijuana steamroller pipes measuring closer to 3-4 inches, this one blows them all right out of the water. Recommend for experienced users who seek a challenge that also have a fairly large lung capacity. It features the bright blue GRAV logo printed on a translucent tube that holds a massive 19mm bowl that can hold up to two grams of dried herb at one time.

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2. Blue Rhino 4 Inch Steamroller

Cost: $7.50

While the Blue Rhino is a cheap steamroller pipe, it still maintains a high-grade glass. Decorated in various color designs for a little personal flair, this short tube marijuana steamroller is a perfect budget-friendly option for those who just want to try one out and if you decide you love them, they can even be purchased in bulk at a huge discount.

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3. American Helix Uno 6 Inch Steamroller

Cost: $39.99


The best steamroller pipe ever produced in America is the 6 inch Helixmodel. It features a baby blue Helixlogo in small print across the top, a single venturi inlet that creates relaxing smoke swirls, a glass roll stop, and an inverted bowl that can hold an entire gram of weed. With its unique design and affordable price tag, it has earned itself the title of top-selling steamroller in America.

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4. Tommy Chong’s 7 Inch Fat Steamroller

Cost: 34.99

If you are seeking something a bit bigger, then check out Tommy Chong’slarge glass steamroller that features Tommy Chong’s face and a super long 7-inch design that provides the biggest hits for your enjoyment. It’s surprisingly affordable and a perfect memorabilia piece to add to any stoner fan’s collection. Perfect as a gag gift for friends or as a part of any cannabis enthusiast’s collection.

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5. Grav 5 Inch Mini Steamroller Pipe  

Cost: $12.99

Another cheap steamroller pipe from a company we have already featured here is the Grav Mini Steamroller Pipe. This miniaturized version of number one on our list is more affordable and hand crafted using 25mm tubing that is made of borosilicate tubing making it tough and durable while still offering a powerful punch that the Grav line is known for. With special features like an ash catcher mouthpiece and an inverted bowl that helps to keep any floating plant particles and ash contained.

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