Top 5 grow tents on the market in 2019

Published Feb 22, 2019 02:16 p.m. ET

 Producing large yields of marijuana indoors can be a challenging feat depending on the space you have available to grow in. In a time where we are stacking more people than ever, where most people share at least one wall if not more with a neighbor, keeping things like ideal lighting, temperatures, and humidity can be difficult. The size of the ideal grow tent will depend on what kind of room or area you have to work with, but good quality grow tents, in general, are praised for their ability to provide the very best conditions for marijuana plants to thrive while staying relatively compact and energy efficient. Here are the 5 of the best quality grow tents that money can buy.  

1. Gorilla Grow Tent

Cost: $590

The best grow tent for beginners is the Gorillamodel which covers a 4x4 foot area providing enough room to comfortably fit four or more plants. While the price may make you hesitate the many user-friendly features like the adjustable roof height, pest control filters, 360 access, infrared blocking roof insert, 1680d diamond reflective walls that are several times thicker than average grow tents, and poles that can withstand over 500 pounds. Not only is it easy to use but it is also foolproof and provides the ideal growing conditions with very minimal effort required.  

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2. YieldLab Grow Tent

Cost: $99.99

This weed grow tent is unique because while the majority of prefab tens are taller, this one is longer and shorter making it perfect for those who are practicing space-saving methods that do not require much height like the SCROG method. It requires a space that is 32x32x24 inches and is easy to hide away discreetly by installing it inside of a cabinet or underneath of a table. Made using heavy duty oxford cloth that is non-toxic, waterproof, and lined with reflective silver and utilizing metal poles that allow for some flexibility while remaining firm enough to hang almost any lights on it. The Yield Lab weed grow tent is suitable for two cannabis plants and should be used with strains that are not expected to exceed more than a couple of feet in height.

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3. Casolly Hydroponics Grow Tent

Cost: $55.99


The Casolly is the best grow tent for the money and can adequately hold one or two marijuana plants to full maturity. The frame is designed to hold well over 110 pounds, and its reinforced corners make it one that will last through years of use and abuse. Sporting a textured diamond mylar finish on the inside walls and requiring a space of at least 16x16x48 inches making it a perfect option for those who are limited to a closet-sized space. Included you will find one small fluorescent light fixture and has preformed openings that will fit almost any air filter or exchange system. Most of the grow tent reviews on this model are incredibly positive and boast high yields with a special appreciation for the removable floor tray and a heavy-duty zipper system that will outlast the tent itself.  

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4.  iPower Hydroponic Grow Tent

Cost: $205

iPower has created some of the best grow tents on the market and offer products to suit almost any indoor growing need, but this particular hydroponic geared model comes at a relatively fair price while not compromising on any of the extras you could ever want or need. With a stronger material quality that might not compare to the Gorilla but is certainly competitive with the rest on the list and extras like double sticking adding durability, smell proof, pest filters, heavy duty zippers, and several different pre-cut exhaust holes you simply cannot go wrong for this price point. It’s also one of the easiest to set up as it is a pop-up tent in a box which requires no instructions.  

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5. Opulent Systems

Cost: $65.99

The Opulent Systems grow tent covers an area that is 48x24x60 inches and features a unique observation window that allows you to check on your plants without interfering with the temperature or humidity levels inside. Its design is a bit more aesthetically pleasing than your average grow tent with a few neat extras like a water-resistant coating and removable floor tray to keep caring for your drop as simple as possible. The frame of the Opulent system can hold up to 200 lbs to accommodate any lights, filters, or air exchange system you may want to use with it. If you need something that will hold up to 4 plants on a budget, then this is it.

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