Top 5 celebrity cannabis wellness brands of 2023

Published Jan 27, 2023 02:00 p.m. ET
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Wellness is both a state of being and a lifestyle that more people are working to achieve every day. It means feeling good and looking like you’re on top of your game. Some love to exercise, while others it’s more of  focus on eating healthy than lifting weights, and many choose to take a different path toward it, through nature, self-care practices, or by using cannabis.

Cannabis is widely accepted and proven as an excellent tool for millions of people who use it to feel well, and not all of them rely on products or methods specifically designed with health or wellness in mind, but many brands and products are advertised and marketed with the same goal – to improve the quality of life of customers.

Some of the biggest names in the business from all over the world including celebrities and experts have already launched product lines with the primary focus being wellness.

Brands and companies from all over the industry have joined this wave of wellness, and celebrities are not far behind when it comes to launching products focused on wellness, and here we’ll shine a spotlight on 5 that have taken the lead and won the hearts of enthusiasts everywhere.

1. Marley Natural

Marley Natural is known for its socially responsible practices designed to pay respect to the great Bob Marley while raising awareness and money to give back to communities most impacted by prohibition. The brand is also careful to minimize its environmental footprint without sacrificing the premium quality that’s garnered its stellar reputation.

Marley Natural produces only all-natural responsibly sourced cannabis, products, and accessories developed to reflect the morals and goals of the legend himself, and consumers are loving it!

2. Happy Dance by Kristen Bell

If you’re looking for a CBD brand with a focus on skincare and products that are formulated specifically for women then you might want to check out Kristen Bell’s Happy Dance, a line of beauty lotions, eye and face creams, moisturizers, body butter, bath bombs and so much more. This wellness brand’s number one goal is to reduce the stigma surrounding women and mothers who use cannabis, a thought that leaves us all warm and fuzzy inside.


3. Fabletics by Kate Hudson

It’s not often you’ll see a sportswear company get featured here, but Kate Hudson’s gorgeous clothing line boasts affordable prices and amazing designs that can make you feel good about the way you look while getting the exercise you need! With pieces starting at $25 and deals to be had through subscriptions, it’s the perfect choice to help you along on this journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

4. Willie's Remedy by Willie Nelson

The famous Willie Nelson is a cannabis icon and advocate with more than 40 years of personal experience, as he’s utilized the many benefits of the plant for longer than most of us. The veteran released Willies Remedy a CBD wellness company that offers everything from CBD oil, coffee, and tea, to a unique selection of topicals that are all made to help you to feel better.

5. Game Up Nutrition by Nick & Nate Diaz

Who better to formulate a health and wellness cannabis brand than two UFC fighters? Well, Nick and Nate fit the bill. Game Up Nutrition delivers all types of CBD products from oils, edibles, topicals, and flower to CBD for pets, and with certifications from the cGMP, FDA, ISO 22716, and ISO 9001, you know this line is guaranteed to deliver in terms of quality, consistency, and healthy ingredients.

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