Top 5 CBD oil vape pens for beginners

Published Feb 8, 2019 05:00 p.m. ET
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CBD is a relatively new player to the cannabis scene, with more and more people every day considering CBD products to self-medicate. CBD vape oil has now become more easily accessible and even legal across the globe. This change was brought on by the discovery and substantial evidence through rigorous study of the health benefits CBD can provide.

There are many ways to consume CBD but one of the healthiest and easiest ways is through CBD vape oil. Vaping thus far has proven to be relatively safe, especially when compared to alternatives like smoking. Finding the perfect CBD vape pen is an essential part of the process. The best vape pen for CBD oil would be reliable, functional, convenient, and user-friendly. While some of the cheapest options out there may be appealing, they may not be the safest and will not last nearly as long as a trusted brand.

To help get you started here is a list of the top 5 CBD oil vape pens that are perfect for beginners:

1. Feel CBD disposable vape pen
Cost: $60
This CBD oil vape pen starter kit comes with one preloaded cartridge with 250mg of CBD, one USB charge cord, and a cap to protect the mouthpiece. Though it is a disposable pen line, they are reusable and rechargeable if you are willing to order your replacement CBD cartridges online. Each draw will provide between two and three milligrams of CBD. The CBD vape oil is infused using coconut oil that tastes and smells amazing as it soothes you from the inside out. With flavor options that you can rely on like vanilla, peppermint, or vanilla and high-quality ceramic coils that deliver a perfect distribution of heat to completely and properly vaporize CBD.

2. Keyy CBD oil vape pen starter kit - Charlotte's Web
Cost: $70
Another excellent low-cost CBD oil vape pen is included in the Keyy Vape starter kit. This CBD vape oil cartridge is widely known for its medicinal qualities as it has received worldwide coverage after being used to successfully treat children with neurological disorders causing seizures. This recipe is great for anyone with anxiety, depression, and many other health conditions. This kit comes with one Keyy vape pen, one USB charger, and one Keyy CBD cartridge. Though this certainly isn’t one of the highest quality pens on the market, it is one of the most widely available and affordable CBD oil vape pens out there. With 425 milligrams per cartridge and the ability to deliver 4-6 mg of CBD with every haul, it is an incredibly powerful starter pen that is perfect for beginners with moderate to severe symptoms.


3. Vape Bright CBD oil vape pen starter kit
Cost: $39.99
For those who are interested in a 100% pure organic option, Vape Bright makes a sleek reusable starter kit that includes one CBD vape oil cartridge that is filled with organic hemp oil that contains absolutely no excess carrier additives. There is slightly less “vapor” with this brand over others. The most commonly used additive, propylene glycol, is not used to make the clouds appear whiter in these pens, though the CBD is still perfectly vaporized at ideal temperatures. CO2 is used in the extraction which leaves behind zero reside or chemicals that could be harmful to your health. Since this company prides itself on purity, there are no flavors or colors, and all their CBD vape oils are scent and taste free. The kit comes with one USB charger, one Vape Bright pen, and one CBD vape oil cartridge that contains 250 mg of CBD vape oil.

4. Pure Spectrum CBD vape pen
Cost: $69.99
The makers of Pure Spectrum vape pens used a CBD infused honey oil in their refill cartridges. This one is not a kit but comes highly recommended for beginners who are just breaking into vaping culture. Their unique cartridge is designed to be either thrown away or easily refilled with little to no fuss. The cartridge is more of a screw on bottle that is easily cleaned and reused hundreds of times over. This pure CBD vape oil is 99% CBD and is extracted using the CO2 method resulting in one of the healthiest and most potent CBD oils on the market today. This pen comes with bubblegum flavor, one USB charger, one wall adapter, and are so easy to use. All you must do is inhale from the mouthpiece to ignite the battery and coils to use it. No push button, no guessing, just a simple and enjoyable experience.

5. Alternate CBD vape pen starter kit
Cost: $60
This is the only CBD vape oil pen starter kit on the list to come with a hard-protective case that has perfect little pockets to protect your pen while on the go. It comes with one Alternate battery, one Alternate mouthpiece, one USB charger, one wall adapter, and two refills. Each cartridge contains 250 mg of THC, and the pen itself will deliver 2 mg of CBD per hit. Another one with zero hassle as its automatic start begins once you begin to draw, and the entire pen cools and shuts down almost immediately when not in use. Unfortunately, the tanks are not reusable, but they are easy and affordable to order online. All pieces easily thread effortlessly together and apart making it easy to replace parts as needed.



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