Top 5 cannabis-themed advent calendars of 2019

Published Nov 17, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Some people might think that it’s a little bit too early to be thinking about Christmas, but many areas across Canada are now covered in a thick blanket of snow, and as we inch closer to the end of November, there are a few traditions that need to be crossed off of the to-do list. One of the most commonly recreated is the purchasing or making of a Christmas advent calendar.

We all have that ‘hard to shop for’ someone, and stoners tend to fit into that list, as you can only buy so many cute weed accessories before they all start to look the same, and your giftee no longer needs anymore. Sure, you could always toss them a few dollars to buy cannabis with, or take it that extra step further and grow some to share, but that takes some of the magic and surprise out of the experience, which is difficult to maintain year after year.

Luckily, there have been a few pretty incredible companies who realized that adults like children enjoy the lead up to the holidays, but with our extra burden of stress, a pick me up once a day during this crazy month of madness can go a long way. One of the coolest stoner gifts we have seen so far that helps with this is the cannabis advent calendar.

So, if you’re looking for something extra special for yourself, or need the perfect gift to share with a friend, we’ve got you covered, with an ultimate list of the most amazing cannabis-themed adult advent calendars available in Canada.

1. The Cannabis Christmas Advent Calendar by Coast to Coast

Cost: $60-$80

What to expect: This advent calendar is sure to bring a smile to any stoner’s face, as long as you know what kind of products they might enjoy. With a brightly colored Christmas cover and 10 fill options including flower mix, Indica flowers, Sativa flowers, low dose edibles, high dose edibles, a combination of flowers and edibles, CBD only, chocolate lovers, lights out (super potent) and a concentrates mix, you can find something for every cannabis enthusiasts with the click of a mouse.

Where to buy this advent calendar: www.coasttocoastmedicinals.com

2. The Cannabis Flower Advent Calendar by Van Isle Concentrates

Cost: $220

What to expect: You won’t find any old, boring weed accessories here as this adult calendar is geared towards cannabis flower connoisseurs who enjoy a variety of flavors. Inside you will find 25 individually wrapped buds hidden behind 25 closed doors with each one weighing at least a gram. There is something new to try every day with an even mixture of Indica’s, Sativa’s, and hybrids to keep you excited and guessing for your next surprise. The one described here is the absolute cheapest option, so if you want to splurge and can afford a bit more, you can get cannabis calendars that hold up to $2500 in surprises to explore.

Where to buy this advent calendar: www.cannatours.com

3. Cannabis Filled Super-Secret Advent Calendar by BXN


Cost: $89

What to expect: This adult advent calendar is one of the few to celebrate Christmas using more than just some neatly wrapped buds. Inside you will find 25 doors, and each one will contain a half of a gram of a different strain that is somehow associated with either winter or Christmas, and that’s not all. Each package boasts old-school favorite cartoon characters that everyone will remember, so live a little, feel young again, and try out a BXN cannabis calendar for yourself.

Where to buy this advent calendar: www.budexpressnow.ca

4. The Kush Calendar by West Coast Cannabis

Cost: $180

What to expect: The Kush Calendar might first appear to be a simple drawer system labeled per day, but inside of each drawer, you will find an exciting combination of what is touted as some of the hottest, rarest and most popular weed strains in the world. Just make sure that if you want to try it for yourself, you get your order in soon, as shipping can be slow with an average of 2-3 weeks waiting in Canada.

Where to buy this advent calendar: www.wccannabis.ca

5. Cannabis Christmas Calendar by Stash Club

Cost: $240

What to expect: Stash Club is a fantastic Canadian based company that we have touched on before, but the release of this latest adult advent calendar is one that beats all the rest so far. The Black box comes in an elegant black and gold wrapping, unlike the more childish designs from other brands, and instead of doors, there are drawers that each have a seal waiting to be broken. This one is a true surprise bag filled with everything you can imagine including THC capsules, buds, concentrates, tinctures, edibles and more, with 24 exciting goodies included.

Where to buy this advent calendar: www.stashclub.ca

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