Top 10 cannabis strains for focus and concentration

Published May 9, 2019 01:25 p.m. ET
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Though marijuana use isn’t widely known for its ability to clear the mind, certain strains will do precisely that. Often it is cultivars with a higher than average production of CBD that offer this amazing benefit, but that isn’t always true. The very best way to learn about the different effects of cannabis is to try them yourself.

When seeking advice on where to begin, stories from friends or coworkers can provide a little bit of inspiration, but what works for them might have an entirely different effect on you. So how do you choose a type to start with when you have a project due, but need to destress?

It can sometimes help to research weed strains that are most popular for their ability to consistently allow for better concentration.

Marijuana strains with higher amounts of THC are much more likely to make a new consumer sleepy. If you are just learning about cannabis and have yet to build a tolerance or comfortability with any one product, then it is highly recommended you start with a lower THC marijuana strain.

As you slowly build up a history of interactions with cannabinoids, it will be much easier to predict which types might work for you, but to help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the ten most popular weed strains that are known to help with concentration and focus.

1. Cinex

Type: Sativa
THC content: 22%
CBD content: 16%
Terpene profile: Sweet, earthy, citrus, skunk, and spicy.
Effects: Happy, energetic, uplifted, creative, and focused.

2. Harlequin

Type: Sativa
THC content: 6%
CBD content: 22%
Terpene profile: Mint, pine, sweet, and skunk.
Effects: Focused, energetic, and uplifted.

3. Green Crack

Type: Sativa
THC content: 24%
CBD content: 4%
Terpene profile: Tropical, spicy, and citrus.
Effects: Euphoric, uplifting, energetic, and focused.

4. Jupiter OG

Type: Indica
THC content: 18%
CBD content: 4%
Terpene profile: Skunk, earthy, pungent, and spicy.
Effects: Euphoric, energetic, uplifting, and focused.

5. Sour Diesel

Type: Sativa
THC content: 21%
CBD content: 1%
Terpene profile: Earthy, diesel, citrus, and spicy.
Effects: Euphoric, relaxed, focused, creative, uplifted.


6. Green Punch

Type: Sativa
THC content: 7%
CBD content: 13%
Terpene profile: Citrus, pineapple, sugar, and sweet.
Effects: Uplifting, energetic, focused, and happy.

7. Harle-Tsu

Type: Hybrid
THC content: 1%
CBD content: 18%
Terpene profile: Sour, earthy, pepper, and pine.
Effects: Relaxed, uplifted, happy, energetic, and focused.

8. True OG

Type: Indica
THC content: 22%
CBD content: 1%
Terpene profile: Earthy, pine, and sweet.
Effects: Relaxed, happy, and focused.

9. Goo

Type: Indica
THC content: 24%
CBD content: 0%
Terpene profile: Blueberry, earthy, caramel, and coffee.
Effects: Relaxed, focused, and hungry.

10. Blueberry Headband

Type: Hybrid
THC content: 18%
CBD content: 1%
Terpene profile: Citrus, berry, and blueberry.
Effects: Euphoric, uplifted, focused, energetic, relaxed, and happy.

Benefits of marijuana for focus

If you have a job or hobby that requires some level of focus or creativity, then cannabis can most definitely help you with that, if you choose the right strain. Common distractions like stress, anxiety, pain, and other uncontrollable sensations can make it difficult to get into planning or brainstorming. Cannabis can soothe all those symptoms. If you don’t smoke too much, and choose a strain that suits the activity at hand, it can be a useful tool in your arsenal.

Just remember to steer clear of weed strains that will give you that couch locked feeling, or you might find yourself asleep rather than hard at work.

Know of any weed strains that aren’t mentioned here, that are amazing for focus, energy, or concentration? We want to hear about it! Drop your own experiences in the comments below to share what works for you. Together we can help to raise awareness of some of the most incredible benefits that the marijuana plant has to offer.



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