Top 10 percolator bongs of 2020

Published May 5, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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If a bong is your go-to choice for a puff, then you need to invest in a percolator bong so that you can inhale the classic, smooth taste of your favourite cannabis.

Percolator bongs have a built-in diffuser. The water in the bong then cools the smoke, ensuring that you get a nice smooth hit. The percolator is the in-between piece that works just before the smoke hits the water. Below you will find a list of some of the top percolators for your enjoyment.

**1. Glasscity Beaker Ice Bong **

This bong is 17.7-inches tall with a beautiful beaker base slitted shower base with a splash guard. It even has ice notches this bong is a great addition and will not disappoint. The beaker bong parts all work together to deliver the ultimate smooth hit for your pleasure.

2. Crystals Bong

This bong is 13-inches tall with a broad base, Crystal's bong is a honeycomb with a built-in small percolator has an awesome level of function. The honeycomb percolator has a vast amount of perforations that filter and diffuse every single hit. It’s an excellent design and a great bong all around.

3. Inline Tree Perc

This bong is 10-inches tall with a nine arm tree percolator to provide you with a smooth hit every single time. The percolator has wide slits, and that means you get less drag, bigger bubbles, and no clogs. It’s an excellent piece to add to your collection with a very durable inline.

4. Three Perc Glass Bongs

The 5-inch beaker base helps you to avoid tip-overs. It has a splash guard that doubles as a three pinch ice catcher. In the beaker base, there is a removable diffused down stem. With the interchangeable down stem option, you can enjoy both dry herbs and concentrates. You cannot go wrong with this bong.

5. Grav Labs Small Straight Water Base with Perc Orb

This bong is 8-inches tall, and it is the perfect size for concentrates and dry herbs. The design gives natural resistance to splashing so that you can enjoy every smooth hit you like without a mouth full of water.

6. Black Leaf Twister Glass bong with Double Chamber Percolator


This is a wonderful bong, and it measures 8.5-inches high. If you are looking for a double chamber percolator, then the Black Leaf Twister is one you’ll need to check out.

7. Tsunami Showerhead Recycler Bong

The Tsunami bong stands 12-inches tall, has a great futuristic design, six internal sprinklers, and a bent mouthpiece that allows for relaxing while having a puff. It also has multiple slits that will enable significant cooling of the smoke, which is sure, to reveal a smooth hit.

8. Tripple Honeycomb Bong

This bong stands 12-inches high, and it’s a great piece to add to any collections. It is compact and delivers a great hit thanks to the three honeycomb discs that will load the tube with bubbles and add a nice twist while ensuring that your lips do not get wet. It has a nice thick base, so no toppling over, so it’s really a great bong all around.

9. Boost Rasta Beaker Ice Bong

The Rasta bong is 4.3-inches tall. This bong is equipped with a ten-arm tree percolator and ice notches for great percolation and cooling of your hits. This Rasta bong has a slit splash guard and a carb hole to give you optimal control over your hits. It’s awesome to use and colourful to look at.

10. Black Ivory Glass Bong

This glass bong is 14-inches tall and comes with an atomic percolator and dome. It provides a great smooth hit every time. The atomic perc provides lots of bubbles, and the dome stops the splash, and with all of these features combined, this bong is a beautiful piece.

There you have it, a list of the ten best bongs on the market today.

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