Top 10 of the best flavor extracts for vaping

Published Feb 25, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET

If you already vape than chance are you already know the main benefits of vaping versus smoking, but did you know that there are some incredibly appealing flavored THC oils to choose from? Many avoid flavors for the reason of added chemicals that are proven carcinogens, but the vape world is slowly evolving, and now there are now several companies that use completely natural methods and mixtures of terpenes to create designer flavors that are 100%. These vape pen weed flavors are some of the tastiest you can find, and all hold stellar customer satisfaction scores and reviews to prove it.

1. Honey - Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush is notorious for its fruity and almost sour aroma that goes down smooth and kicks in hard. This oil is no different and boasts a clean, enjoyable earthy taste that makes is one of the best THC oil options out there. It is also one of the most potent THC oil selections including options ranging from a low 0.5 mg of THC to 40 mg of THC per tank that holds 1 gram of THC oil.

2. Stiiizy - Sour Tangie

Stiizy creates this super tasty oil using a Grand Daddy Purple Cannabis strain that is known for its sweet fruity taste and aroma. Many think that the flavor would mimic grapes however the majority of those who use it know that it contains more of a citrus orange flavor with a lovely sweet grape-like smell. It comes already loaded in 500 ml tanks, but if your vape pen doesn't workwith them, the containers are also refillable making the transfer of the vape oil an easy task. The extraction process is performed with no solvents resulting in a clean, pure. THC concentrate. Currently available in 0.5 gram and 1-gram pods.

3. Happy Stick - Sativa Jack Herer Oil

Those who have experienced smoking the herb from a Jack Hererstrain know that its taste is one of its best qualities. With a flavor that is referred to like a spicy pine that brings to mind images of freshly cut Christmas trees and the true Canadian north. While this one isn’t flavored to taste like something else the fresh earthy aromas and flavors are what makes this one of the best tasting THC oil products on the market.

4. Seven - Blue Dream

One of the most medicinal marijuana strains in existence is Blue Dreamdue to its higher than average THC content and incredibly strong effects despite being of Sativa origin. This fantasticBlue Dream oil is one of the most popular vape pen weed flavors due to its base strain being so widely available and sought after. The taste is full and deep with a hint of sweet berry while still maintaining a tinge of the traditional earthy cannabis smell, and it is prepackaged in 0.5-gram cartridges and sold in some of the most recognized dispensaries across the globe.

5. ABX - Cherry Pie

Designed and produced by AbsoluteXtracts whose sole focus is creating the most potent THC oil is the CherryPie vape cartridge. With its light earthy taste that hits smooth and a surprising sweet cherry like twist. The flavor is subtle but not enough to be overwhelming making it perfect for those who aren’t a fan of sticky sweet but who would still like to enjoy something a little different than your average flavored THC oils generally offer. With full spectrum options that include high levels of both THC and CBD content which is excellent for medicinal use with a little extra kick.


6. Wink - Chocominted

The Wink Terpinessence line is committed to creating the largest selection of flavored THC oils to choose from and use a method of extraction designed specificallyto harvest the flavorful terpenes without damaging them. The result is a superior flavor and one of the most potent THC oil cartridges that money can buy. Packaged inside of sealed 1 gram cartridges that will fit most mods, is entirely leak proof and tested three times throughout the process before shipping for impurities. Every haul you take will taste just like a Hershey's chocolate bar that is created by hand selecting strains to mimic the taste rather than using any unnecessary added chemicals.

7. Stiiizy - Strawberry Cough

Any of the berry-based cannabis strains will provide some of the best flavor extracts for vaping without any additional additives. Strawberry Cough vape pen weed flavors, in general, are so tasty that you will find it hard to believe that the aroma is completelynatural. This one is available in one gram and 0.5 gram pods. Enjoy a mouth watering strawberry flavor with a hint of orange citrus smell with one of the most potent THC oils available.  

8. Lift - Elixir THC Peppermint

If the sweeter side of things isn’t exactly your cup of tea than chances are you will love peppermint flavored THC oils. Lift prides themselves in creating the most potent THC oil with each one containing 28 mg of THC and 1 mg of CBD all within one 15ml bottle which will provide the same effects that smoking a high THC strain would without the possible adverse effects of inhaling smoke. This peppermint elixir is great for both recreational and medicinal customers, and the taste will remind you of one of those after dinner mints we all know and love.

9. Smokey Point Productions - Cotton Candy

Vape pen weed flavors tend to be limited to the taste each strain produces as the majority of those who vape prefer additive free solutions. Cotton Candy oil made by Smokey Point Productions is created using a hybrid cross of power plant and lavender. Each bottle holds 66% THC and 9.4 CBD making it the most potent THC oil on the list that utilizes both cannabinoids. Just one taste and most are hooked on the unique mouth euphoric experience that only cotton candy flavor THC oil can provide.

10. Cannabiotix - Lime Skunk

With a 65% THC content and a more traditional earthy skunk cannabis flavor and taste. This 100% pure oil is made using a pure Indica Skunk Haze strain and an extraction process that uses CO2 to harvest all the powerful terpenes naturally found in the plant. The result is some of the best-flavored THC oils that are entirely natural. This particular oil comes in a preloaded 1 gram vape cartridge for your enjoyment.



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