Top 10 Best THC tincture for dogs

Published Mar 15, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET

The health benefits from cannabis sativa or hemp plants are common knowledge nowadays. They are getting more popular with thousands of happy customers treating a myriad of medical conditions with nothing more than a simple, pure plant product. What many don’t realize is that those very same benefits can also be felt by their furry companions. CBD tinctures for your dog are now widely available in a variety of strengths. A THC tincture for dogs is completely safe and can be an effective tool for managing symptoms of your pet without costly prescriptions from the vet.

If you are interested in trying this alternative method of treatment be sure to get your vets ok to go ahead first. A CBD tincture does have the potential to make several prescription medications less effective. After that, you will need to find a reliable source like a pet dispensary or online vendor. In some regions, a medical license for your pet must be obtained to utilize a pet dispensary. If you would like some faster but also trusted choices, here are the top ten most effective THC tinctures for dogs to get you started.

1. Cannabis Co Hemp Seed Oil for Pets

Cost: $24.95

This 100% raw hemp seed oil for pets can be used on almost any pets except birds. Offering three times the beneficial nutrients of any fish oil this hemp seed oil is pure and effective at reducing inflammation and relieving the symptoms of arthritis or painful joints.

Link to Purchase- http://cannabiscompany.com.au/products/hemp-seed-oil-for-pets

2. Honest Paws

Cost: $39.99-$69.99

Honest Paws offers an entire line of CBD tinctures for your dog and a separate one for cats. Offering a wide range of additives and sizes and sold by the milligram of cannabinol content. With six different levels, all with different nutrients added and various levels of cannabinol there is something certain to fit every pet’s needs. If you are nervous about purchasing CBD drops for dogs, Honest Paws even offers a certified professional via chat to assist you in picking out the right product and learning the proper dosage and answering any questions you may have about the benefits of CBD for pets.

Link to Purchase- www.honestpaws.com

3. NuLeaf Naturals

Cost: $100- $179

This company runs a mini pet dispensary that does not require any medical documentation to buy. They offer 100% natural organic full spectrum CBD tinctures for your dog in sizes ranging from 240 milligrams to 1450 milligrams of CBD content. Full spectrum meaning all the cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved during extraction. When using NyLeaf products, you are buying a completely pure product with no added chemicals or pesticides.

Link To Purchase- http://leafly.com/products/details/nuleaf-naturals-1450mg-full-spectrum-organic-cbd-oil-for-pets

4. Fit Aroma Organic Hemp Oil

Cost: $60-$90

Extracted using a natural CO2 solvent this 100% organic hemp seed oil comes in several different options including some for dogs, cats, and horses with a higher than average CBD content of 300 milligrams to 900 milligrams per product and an additive of coconut oil for an extra boost in health benefits. Fit aroma makes some of the most affordable lines of CBD tinctures for your dog and promises high quality backed by a 90-day money back guarantee to help you every step of the way.

Link to Purchase- www.fitaroma.com

5. Bluebird Botanicals

Cost: $10-$130

Bluebird Botanicals offers both CBD and THC tincture for dogs. The tincture itself is available in a range of 180 milligrams to 200 milligrams of CBD and a low 0.5% THC tincture for dogs. Included in this line of oils is the addition of several products with added nutrients such as DHA, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, EPA, and omega oils making it a versatile daily supplement that is jam-packed full of essential vitamins and designed specifically for dogs.

Link to Purchase- www.bluebirdbotanicals.com

6. Chronic Boom Delights

Cost: $50-$70


The tinctures created by Chronis Boom Delights are extracted using every single piece of an organic hemp plant including the stalk, seeds, and leaves. Their formula of CBD drops for your dog comes in bottles of 150 milligrams to 300 milligrams of CBD content. They also use the safest method of extraction which utilized CO2 as a solvent leaving behind absolutely no harmful residues. This line was created specifically for pets with the need for a higher dose of CBD to treat chronic illness.

Link to Purchase- www.chronicbloomdelights.com

7. CBD Pet Tinctures

Cost: $24.99

CBD Pet’s line of CBD tinctures for your dog is made of pure hemp seed oil with no additives. Their full spectrum formula is completely organic and includes all the natural terpenes found in a hemp plant which many pets even find enjoyable. This line comes in only 100 milligrams of CBD which is perfect for beginners. Their tinctures are created using the cleanest CO2 extraction methods and test each batch by a third-party laboratory to ensure purity.  

Link to Purchase- www.getcbdpet.com

8. Canna Hemp Tincture

Cost: $30

Canna Hemp tinctures are unique in that they are designed to be added to your pet’s regular food only once a day. One serving of this CBD drops is the equivalent of ¼ of a dropper full and contains 7 milligrams of CBD. Canna Hemp may be a newer player to the table, but they are a trusted source of the most straightforward CBD drops for you dogs available on the market today.

Link to Purchase- www.cannahemp.com

9. CBD Hemp Indica Tincture

Cost: $40

Hemp Indica’s line of CBD drops for your dog are uniquely formulated using a combination of both pure raw organic hemp seed oil and real natural fish oil creating a tempting combination that just about any pet will have a hard time resisting. CBD Hemp Indica tinctures are only sold in one-ounce bottles, and each contains a total of 200 milligrams of CBD. They also have an option for your feline friends that contains only half of the dose but the same liquid amount in one-ounce dropper bottles.

Link to Purchase- www.hempindica.net

10. Triniti CBD Pure Tincture

Cost: $50 - $100

Triniti prides itself in producing only the safest and most effective CBD drops for your dog. The company itself was started by a small group of animal advocates who were determined to ensure the safest dosage in treating their family pets. Triniti’s line of CBD tinctures is available in a range of 100 milligrams to 1000 milligrams of CBD per bottle. Considering this is the smallest company on the list, they do an amazing job at ensuring the purity of their product by conducting third-party testing on random batches for safety.

Link to purchase- http://triniti-cbd.com

Benefits of THC tincture for dogs

As of now the full benefits of using CBD drops for your dog are not yet known. More studies are required to show clinical evidence of long-term use. However short-term use benefits are vast. Hemp seed oil for dogs can help to alleviate many different symptoms, including:

- seizures - nausea - stress - arthritis, cancer, anxiety - depression - gastrointestinal issues - Inflammation - joint pain - chronic pain

The dosage of CBD tinctures for dogs

While topical products like creams are much less effective, CBD drops for your dog should be given in the smallest dose to begin. Start with only one drop orally taken under the tongue three times a day. If no noticeable change in symptoms is seen, then after three days increase to two drops three times daily and continue from there. Do not exceed ten drops per day on a medium-sized or smaller dog.



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