The perfect weed strains to help pass the time this winter

Published Nov 14, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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When the temperatures drop, most people hide indoors in the safety of their well-heated homes and primed Netflix subscriptions, but getting trapped inside for such long periods of time can get to anyone. That is a natural reaction to the body not receiving sufficient light exposure, that on top of stagnant air and boredom, you are left with a toxic combination that can feel like it goes on forever.

There are two different kinds of people during the season of hibernation. Some take the term quite literally and spend the coldest months wrapped up in a nice, warm blanket relaxing, binge-watching television, and hitting up their favorite games, while others use this time to find different ways to be productive. No matter how you like to spend your time during the winter, one thing most people can agree on is that it lasts for far too long.

One of the ways that cannabis can help is by enhancing the activities that you choose, making them much more enjoyable and feeling like they go by much faster. Since most of us begin the countdown to warmer temperatures immediately after the first snowflake hits, it helps to have a bit of motivation and fun along the way.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of some of the most incredible winter themed marijuana strains. With the first section dedicated to those who want to deepen their slumber with a sedating high, and the second for anyone who seeks motivation to get creative and stay focused all winter long.

Time warping weed strains

These ultra-potent marijuana strains are very likely to put you into a zombie-like state that can go on for several hours. They also come paired with a side of mood improvement, and a sense of total relaxation that is perfect for curling up next to the fire this winter.

1. White Widow
Type: Hybrid
THC content: 16%
Aroma: Herbal, citrus, spicy and peppery

2. Lemon Haze
Type: Sativa
THC content: 19%
Aroma: Fruit, pepper, mint and berry

3. The White
Type: Hybrid
THC content: 26%
Aroma: Sweet, fruity and citrus

4. Blue Dream
Type: Hybrid
THC content: 18%
Aroma: Herbal, peppery and pine

5. LSD
Type: hybrid
THC content: 16%
Aroma: Fruity, herbal, berry and pine

Motivating marijuana strains

These weed strains will help to wake you up and add some spring to your step as you take on the world inside of your home. Whether it’s a massive cleaning spree, a family gathering, or some other incredible task that is about to unfold, these strains can help to keep you going, even once everything freezes and the world appears to stop moving.

1. Jack Frost
Type: Hybrid
THC content: 17%
Aroma: Lemon, citrus, herbal and pine

2. Candyland (AKA Kandyland)
Type: Sativa
THC content: 19%
Aroma: Peppery, citrus and sweet

3. Maui Wowie
Type: Sativa
THC content: 17%
Aroma: Herbal, peppery, citrus and spicy

4. Northern Lights
Type: Indica
THC content: 16%
Aroma: Lemon, herbal, citrus and pepper

5. Citrus Haze
Type: Sativa
THC content: 19%
Aroma: Berry, fruit, pepper and mint

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