The low-down on Hempz beauty product line

Published Jan 12, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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The legalization of cannabis led to the explosion of a brand-new sector of the market that includes both marijuana and hemp products. These two plants were initially group and banned together, and though hemp has always been utilized in some fashion, and was made legal much earlier than cannabis, hemp seeds products didn’t begin to sell a whole lot until more producers and manufacturers could sign up for creating new items without worrying about legal complications.

What was once a product that you would only ever see at black market dispensaries, is now a staple in many health foods, and CBD or hemp specific stores, which is why we now have everything from soap and shampoo to creams, salves, lips balms, bath bombs, and more. Most of which are offered in multiple variations through a company called Hempz.

Are Hempz beauty products made with cannabis?

The Hempz product line has always been geared towards more natural cannabis enthusiasts, but there isn’t a single ounce of recreational weed or THC in anything that they currently sell. Hempz uses hemp seed oil, which is processed from pure hemp seed, and it contains no activated cannabinoids. Just like THC, CBD requires a process called decarboxylation to activate the cannabinoids, so in most cases, even if there was CBD in the hemp seeds used, it would be in a raw form that, as far as we know, is ineffective for any sort of recreational purposes.

Will Hempz products get me high or produce a positive on a drug test?

Hempz has recently introduced a brand new section to its product line that includes activated CBD, but since it is derived from hemp seed oil, which will contain less than 0.3% THC, it is entirely safe for everyone, including those who must submit random drug testing for cannabis. It will never get you high and is used purely as a topical therapeutic treatment.

The benefits of hemp seed oil in Hempz beauty products

Hemp seed oil is full of powerful nature-based goodness that includes proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, key mineral, nutrients, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, C, and E, and it contains nourishing omega fatty acids, iron, zinc, potassium, and carotene. All of which offer soothing, healing, and moisturizing properties that can help with dry or oily skin, angry red patches, acne, and more.

What kinds of products does Hempz have to offer?

The American company Hempz is well known for its wide selection of options that are all hemp-based, including:

  • CBD moisturizers
  • Hemp seed oil shampoo and conditioner
  • Facial scrubs
  • Exfoliating cream with hemp seeds
  • Bath soaks
  • Hand soap
  • After-sun care
  • Body balms
  • Surface cleaners
  • Essential oil perfumes

Are they any good?

Though some customers have reported minor skin irritations with some Hempz products, it is always a reaction to either a paired ingredient that is added for texture or smell, or the base oil from the hemp plant itself. So, while these options are entirely safe and contain no toxic additives, it is still a good idea to test a small amount before using it on larger or problem-prone areas of the skin.

Where to buy Hempz beauty products

Hempz beauty products might come from America, but most of their sales to date have come from thousands of Canadians through a few different avenues.

1. The store
Some health food and beauty stores now carry Hempz products.

2. Amazon
Amazon is a fantastic online platform to find hemp-based goods and they will ship Hempz products to almost anywhere in the world for free with a membership.

3. Direct from the manufacturer
The best way to buy any topical product is directly through the maker. That way, you can do some thorough research on what they are about and pay some of the lowest prices ever while avoiding a long search for these hard to find beauty products.

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