The low down on Cookies new CBD pill line called Caps

Published Apr 2, 2021 12:00 p.m. ET
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Twenty-one years ago, Gilbert Milam Jr. worked in the Bay area filling out requisition forms and checking identifications at a local cannabis dispensary. Gilbert, who you may know better as a rapper and record label founder Berner, has many titles within his cannabis clothing and lifestyle empire, which he named Cookies.

Cookies was founded in 2012, and since then, it has proved itself as a cannabis brand in all of the legal marketplaces throughout the country, including Denver, Oklahoma, California, Michigan, with international facilities in Barcelona and Tel Aviv. Berner’s cannabis brand Cookies includes a new line of CBD capsules which has been named Caps.

These new CBD capsules focus on the healing power of plants. Cookies uses CBN, CBG, and CBD while also including mushrooms like Reishi, Shiitake, Cordyceps, and Lions Mane in the CBD pills.

A representative from Cookies reminds us that people have been using mushrooms as medicine and food for centuries. Today there is a stigma around using mushrooms as a medicine. Trust is an issue even though the intrigue surrounding the benefits of mushrooms is still present.

Magic mushrooms are not on the list of ingredients in the CBD pill as of yet. The passing of SB 519 would see psychedelic drugs like MDMA, Psilocybin, and LSD being legally added to products like these.

Cookies has started its journey with CBD capsules, and the company hopes to move on to THC pills. Eventually, when the time is right, the plan is to create a psilocybin product.

Representatives believe that the company's experimentation with plant medicine will be rewarded through consumers who will see the positive health benefits from Caps. Cookies want the consumer to take a forward step into the new era of plant medicine by offering Caps. Combining cannabinoids, terpenes, and the symbiotic medicinal qualities that belong to mushrooms could be the new CBD pill process.

Be prepared to take the next step to expand your cognitive well-being. The 3-1 combination CBD capsule will take you to the entourage effect and beyond.

Try these Caps

Caps offers both daytime and nighttime solutions for consumers.

Daytime use

If it is clarity that you’re looking to find using CBD capsules, now is the time to try:

  • Mushroom + CBG Capsules for daytime use, ensuring clarity.

  • Enjoy Lion's mane's effects, which is packed with beta-glucans known for supporting healthy brain functions.

  • Cordyceps mushrooms increase the body's natural organic compound Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is responsible for supporting cell function. This mushroom is often known by the nickname Caterpillar Fungus.

Nighttime use

Bed Head Caps have a variety of different mushrooms to benefit numerous conditions. If you are looking for Caps to assist at nighttime when you need help with getting to sleep, then don't forget to try:

  • Reishi is also known as the Mushroom of Immortality. This mushroom will help to reduce stress and support rejuvenation.

  • Maitake, also known as the Dancing Mushroom. A perfect product for stimulating the immune system while it can also prove beneficial for lowering blood pressure.

  • Shitake is perhaps the most known and popular mushroom in the world. The fragrant mushroom has been used for centuries and will assist by improving your cardiovascular function.

  • Chaga, although not really a mushroom, is closely related to the fungus. It is rich in antioxidants to improve digestion and clear skin.

  • Turkey Tail the mushroom of many colours and will help to fuel the immune system.

Final thoughts

Berner takes his business seriously. Unlike other celebrities that lend their name to a cannabis brand, he is fully engaged in all decisions. He, in his own words, makes all the " beep" decisions. The Cookies brand is a little bit of the master himself, and as such, so are all products sold under his name. Caps is the culmination of bringing together the deep history and the healing powers of mushrooms with the similar and complementary effects of marijuana.

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