The furniture that doubles as a secure storage solution for cannabis

Published Feb 18, 2021 01:00 p.m. ET
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Cannabis is legal in 15 states for recreational use, and for medical use, it’s allowed in 35 states in the USA. Gone are the days of trying to find a good hiding place for your stash and then promptly forgetting where that place was. Forti furniture has the perfect solution for this dilemma.

The best way to store weed

Hiding weed from your children or other searching eyes and fingers has become a big business. Design and style are an essential part of your household decor. The stigma that follows weed is breaking down, and people want to celebrate this new freedom of legal recreational weed. Furniture with the function to be a storage place for your stash could not be more efficient, and this eye-catching, beautiful wooden bedside table with security locks is even accessible through an app on your phone.


Sharon Kevil is a furniture designer from Milwaukee who, from personal experience, saw the need for Forti Goods. Her company is designed for discerning adults who like to indulge in the herb. Kevil noticed that no longer was the décor of the "pot smoker,"  a marijuana leaf draped across the coffee table or the Jerry Garcia tapestry covering the day bed in the corner of the room. Cannabis and its users have evolved, and grown-up, and so too has home décor for the cannabis user.


The premium products produced by Forti Goods do not come cheap. Be prepared to open those purse strings a little wider, as the premium Forti furniture ranges from $1850.00 to $42,200.

The insight

Kevil saw the need for hiding weed, not only as a recreational necessity but for medicinal needs also. More seniors are using cannabis in different forms for medical use. Grandma does not want anyone walking off with her stash of medicine, and having a permanent piece of furniture is perhaps the best way to store weed for those aging cannabis users. Memories can fade for all of us; forgetting where you put your needed herbs can be frustrating and cause medical issues. Forti furniture is a proven safe place to keep your cannabis that eases pain while adding beauty to your house décor.


Forti furniture is designed for those that may have dexterity issues, finding it challenging to use a key. Kevil identified this issue and chose to have her furniture looks be app-enabled. When the app is opened, tapping anywhere on a line in the app will open or close the drawer. A North American manufacturer responsible for providing carbon filters, capable of throwing trained animals off the scent, is included in Forti furniture production. A bonus that Kevil has included in her furniture is the filters only need to be replaced once a year.

Aesthetically Forti furniture would look at home almost anywhere. Products in her prestigious furniture line include storage accessories like trays and boxes that fit perfectly inside any of the locking drawers in the furniture. You will not notice any furniture adorned with the beautiful cannabis leaf, as the goal is security, which also means discretion.

Final thoughts

Kevil has acknowledged that her furniture line may be a bit pricier than that old cookie jar you used to hide your stash. Still, her furniture is comparable to most other quality furniture lines that are manufactured in the states. She is hoping to eventually develop a line that is more accessible for consumers financially.

Kevil supports a movement that wants to promote safe and secure methods of securing your cannabis so there is no fear that your cannabis could be accessed by children or others who are not invited to the session.

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