The best strains of marijuana to take to a party or social gathering

Published May 26, 2019 10:22 a.m. ET
Credit: Deagreez

That social butterfly that seems to be at all the parties you are attending lately may have something to do with the amazing wonder drug we call marijuana. Marijuana is a great partner to accompany you to parties or social gatherings you plan to attend. Cannabis will help you to communicate and enjoy the social gathering on a higher level or by providing a comfortable but energetic scene.

Sativa strains are a perfect choice for taking to that gathering. In general sativa strains normally have less THC and more THCV than the Indica strains. The combination of the two THC/THCV work together to provide the lesser psychoactive effects. The energizing sativa will be perfect for a night out partying and enjoying laughs with friends.

Here are some cannabis strains for partying with your friends:

Strawberry Cough: is strong sativa that produces a 20% Indica appearance. Look for anxiety to be replaced with euphoria and your smile extended to everyone at the gathering.

Girl Scout Cookies: with a 22% THC content you and your partner will enjoy the music and laughter that is delivered perfect for partying.

Choco Candy: enjoy this bud’s delicious chocolate flavours, perfect for a hostess gift for any party host that enjoys an amazing high.

Laughing Buddha: look for this bud to be perfect for a party of two or a more significant social gathering. Enjoy the smiles that will be fixed on your face.

Trainwreck: beginners beware of this potent euphoric party strain, but still a perfect head space for group activities.


Amnesia Haze: if you are looking for a psychedelic high you have found the strain to accompany you on any trip you plan on taking with friends.

Durban Poison: this pure sativa is a great strain for an active party mood where energy, uplifted moods and happy effects are required.

Kali Mist: will be the partner to take to the party that is going all night, the energizing long lasting high will be appreciated at the social gathering.

Chronic: will be perfect for that small intimate gathering while enjoying uplifted, happy relaxed experiences.

Credit: Deagreez

The best methods of consuming marijuana when parting

There are some people that for various reasons be it health or just preference, do not or can-not smoke cannabis. There are still ways for you to enjoy the benefits that marijuana delivers when attending parties or gatherings, like vaping or edibles that have no chance of secondhand smoke.

Which ever method you choose to indulge in the numerous cannabis strains, be smart. Where edibles are concerned remember that there is a time lapse before the effects will kick in. Be patient do not over indulge and spoil the party before you have time to be the party animal you are. Go low, go slow and the party animal that you are will be free to enjoy all that the gathering has to offer. Marijuana is the best partner for gatherings that you may be hesitant to attend for various reasons. Marijuana will be the additive for all social positive parties. Enjoy responsibly!



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