The best reusable vape pens on the market in 2020

Published Jun 4, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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When you are vaping, there is virtually no smell. It also does not burn the throat or cause one to cough. You even have more control over the amount of vape that you take in, so for some people, it just seems a better choice. When you vape, it heats your concentrate or bud just enough to release the compounds from the cannabis that gives you the pleasant high without the smell. We put together a list of some of the best reusable vape pens of 2020.

1. APX Vape

Cost: $64.95

This vape is excellent if you are just starting to experiment. It takes only 30 seconds to heat your weed in its convention chamber. The battery lasts 2 hours and has five different settings for intensity. This vape takes dry herb only. APX gets the job is done and easy on the budget.

2. Rubi

Cost: $48.95

This vape is like the Juul vape. This open tank vape takes concentrates. It also, duos as a wax pen. This vape does not leak and will hold a charge nicely, but Rubi has no temperature settings. It’s great for a day out, and the price is excellent too.

3. Starry V3

Cost: $99.95

The Starry has a great conduction oven that provides you with instant heating. This vape takes only dry bud, and it has a digital screen. The company has made some nice upgrades to the mouthpiece and heating chamber, making this vape a good quality choice.

4. GPen Nova

Cost: $34.95

This vape is sweet and small, has three voltage settings. There is no screen, but it does have an LED light to let you know when it is ready, so it’s easy and straightforward to use. You can also adjust the digital setting to suit you, and it’s nicely priced too.

5. Launch Box

Cost: $118.99

This vape is old school. It heats up very quickly and is very straightforward to use. Launch Box takes dry herb only, and it does not look like a vape pen, but it delivers just the same experience. Practice may be needed to get the right burn, but hey practicing is always fun when you’re vaping.

6. Solo


Cost: $184.99

The Solo comes with two tube sizes for different vape paths. It heats up fast and has a led light and screen that shows temperature and battery life. Solo takes dry buds only. This pen is an all-around great vape pen.

7. Dr. Dabber

Cost: $80.00

Dr. Dabber is a vape kit, so you'll get everything you need for a low price. Dr. Dabber works as a wax pen and oil pen. It also slowly heats up to the perfect temperature so you can enjoy the flavours. This vape kit is budget-friendly and is ideal if you prefer oils and wax.

8. Mig Vapor Canna Blast

Cost: $29.95

This vape pen is the first one made from Pyrex glass, and it comes with a sleek and compact design. Mig is specifically designed to use with thick oils and it offers a high-quality level of performance so you will not be disappointed. The Mig heats the oil slowly for an amazing hit, and it holds a charge that lasts for the whole day. This pen is compatible with oils only, and the price is great.

9. Black Mamba

Cost: $59.99

This vape has a beautiful sleek design. It has a battery indicator with long battery life, a temperature control indicator, and it comes with a cleaning kit and a USB charger. The beautiful ceramic chamber offers even heating, and this vape pen is compatible with dry herb.

10. Sol E-Nectar Collector

Cost: $79.95

This vape pen has a one-button control on the bottom. It holds a charge nicely and even has a hidden compartment for extra oil. The design is excellent with three different voltage settings, and an LED light, so that you know what is going on as you use it.

Vapes can be an excellent, easy, incognito way to enjoy a puff when roaming around. This list has ten, but there are many more on the market today.

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