The best marijuana strains to help with muscle pain

Published Sep 7, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Most people think of cannabis as a recreational drug, but the truth is that the marijuana plant can provide so much more than a fun high. Both THC and CBD from pot plants can help to soothe aches and pains from both injury and long-term damage. The trouble is, not all weed strains are created equally, and it can take a trained eye to spot the ones that can aid in most relief.

Here, we will tackle the longstanding debate of Indica vs Sativa for pain, and once that issue is cleared, you will discover what appears to be the reason for some strains working so much better than others.

Indica vs Sativa, which one is better for muscle pain?

It doesn’t matter what the issue at hand may be, the ultimate question is always Indica vs Sativa, which one is better? The truth is much more complicated than most might have you believe, as the effects from both of these cannabis species can be beneficial as a treatment for pain. What seems to be most relevant is the chemical profile of the strain.

Some people assume that all the different types of weed out there will do essentially the same thing, but each one produces a different quantity of terpenes, THC and CBD, which will dramatically impact the flavor, taste and potency. Though terpenes can provide aromatic benefits, the true active elements are THC and CBD. THC is the cannabinoid that produces the psychoactive high that is typically expected from ingesting cannabis products, but CBD, the lesser-known cannabinoid has shown the most significant impact on pain.

The importance of high CBD strains for muscle pain

THC can help to provide an immediate relief that most definitely shares an important role in the treatment of muscle pain, but CBD is the true hero for long term relief. That is because, CBD works as an anti-inflammatory, which can help to bring down the swelling that causes painful muscles and spasms.

The best marijuana strains for pain

Unfortunately, years of selective breeding geared towards recreational consumers who seek high THC strains have left medical patients with few choices for high CBD strains. Most types of marijuana on the market today produce little to no CBD at all. Below we’ve list 10 pain-fighting cannabis strains that are perfect for treating sore and achy muscles due to injury or degenerative diseases including the infamous Northern Lights strain.

The Northern Lights strain is one of the few rare types of weed in the entire world to boast nearly a 50/50 ratio of both THC and CBD, which can offer the best of both worlds and is perfect for anyone who enjoys the stereotypical high. However, for those who prefer to keep their heads clear while garnering the benefits of high CBD strains, then it is a good idea to choose one that has less than 5% THC like Ringo’s Gift.

  1. Northern Lights
    THC content: 10%
    CBD content: 9%

  • ACDC
    THC content: 6%
    CBD content: 20%

  • Critical Mass
    THC content: 22%
    CBD content: 5%

  • Pennywise
    THC content: 11%
    CBD content: 11%

  • Stephen Hawking Kush
    THC content: 5%
    CBD content: 10%

  • Sweet and Sour Widow
    THC content: 8%
    CBD content: 8%

  • Harlequin
    THC content: 6%
    CBD content: 15%

  • Cannatonic
    THC content: 6%
    CBD content: 17%

  • Ringo’s Gift
    THC content: 1%
    CBD content: 12%

  • Valentine X
    THC content: 1%
    CBD content: 18%

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