The best marijuana grow lights

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:20 p.m. ET

 When setting up a grow room one of the first decisions you will make is which kind of marijuana grow light you will want to invest in. Be sure to consider all variables before buying any particular light. If you select a light fixture based on price, then chances are you will end up disappointed and ready to spend a bit more the next time. So which marijuana grow lights are the best ones?

Types of grow lights for weed

There are currently three different kinds of lights for growing weed indoors — each with its pros and cons including overall lifetime and price point.

LED grow lights

Cost: $20-$900

LED grow lights come in both cheaper and more expensive versions. With the priciest ones providing the longer lifespan and the cheaper ones barely surviving through one growing period. If you have ever used a LED grew light and wondered why the light seemed less effective over time, that is because it is. Cheaper LED grow lights will begin to dim after only 3-6 months of use, where more expensive brands like Fluence will last up to three times longer. When choosing the ideal LED light, you will want to pay attention to the wattage that is required for your space. 300 watts per 1.5-foot x 1.5-foot area, 600 watts per 2.5-foot x 2.5-foot area, and 720 watts per 2-foot by 4-foot area.

Best LED light

The best LED light currently on the market is the Horticulture Lighting Group 500W LED light. While it is the most expensive, it covers a 5 foot by 5-foot growing space and will lose an average of 5% of its strength each year where most cheaper versions will lose 10% or more of their lighting power per year.

HID grow lights

Cost: $50-$200

HID Grow Lights come equipped with the best bulbs for growing weed and are powerful, but some would also call them wasteful power suckers. They will produce a better harvest then any LED marijuana grow lights but come with a hefty hydro bill. HID lights will produce up to three times more heat while using three times more electricity than their LED counterpart making them appealing to those growing in a chilly space, but not so much to those who are looking for efficiency. Just like with the others, the wattage required for the space you are using is paramount. You will need 150 watts per 2-foot x 2-foot space, 400 watts per 3-foot x 3-foot space, 600 watts for a 4-foot x four-foot space and 1000 watts for every 5-foot by 5-foot growing space. HID lamps do come with the additional feature of a second bulb. One more suitable for flowering while the other is better for the vegging stage giving you more control over the overall environment of your grow room. These marijuana grow lights are better than LED Lights and can be slightly more affordable, but still, they aren’t quite the best light bulbs for growing weed.


CFL grow lights

Cost: $80-$1200

CFL lights are the best marijuana grow lights in every way possible. They produce the most power of any other grow lights listed here and are the most energy efficient requiring twice as much electricity as an LED but offering four times more power than HID grow lights. They also offer a full spectrum light that penetrates further than LED’s making them the best light bulbs for growing weed thus far. These marijuana grow lights will last 18 months before losing power and tend to require replacing the bulbs before that happens. If you have already invested in an HID marijuana grow light fixture than chances are it can be converted with a kit to take a CFL bulb. The wattage required for growing using CFL grow lights is 150 watts for every 2-foot by 4-foot growing area.

The best and most accessible marijuana grow light option by far is the CFL. However, that may not make it the best to suit your needs. CFL lights are meant for larger areas and do come with a hefty price point. If you are considering any of the lights mentioned above, then feel free to browse our purchase links section for a better idea of how many choices there is are out there.

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