The best marijuana concentrates brands of 2019

Published Aug 20, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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First, let’s look at what marijuana concentrate is

·         Concentrates are produced from the marijuana plant and are delivered by gathering the sparkling trichomes.

·         The most common agent sought after are the terpenes and cannabinoids. The process of accumulating these trichomes removes impurities and any other excess plant material that is present.

·         Compared to natural bud, marijuana concentrates have ounce for ounce more terpenes cannabinoids and potency.

·         Solvents are not used in the process of separating the terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant while making the marijuana rosin concentrate.

It is interesting to note that the potency of your bud can be increased when in a concentrated form

Distillate a form of marijuana concentrate is desirable, the potency that is produced in the process, along with the versatility that this form of concentrate provides. Dabbing marijuana is using a dab rig for inhaling the concentrates, rather than a bong which incinerates the product before you inhale.

Dabbing marijuana has become a popular method of consuming marijuana concentrate. The quick onset and ability to produce a more potent result, than when consuming the flower, is a benefit that dabbing marijuana delivers, and consumers enjoy. However, if you are looking for the supreme marijuana concentrate, keep your eyes, ears, and nose open for marijuana resin often noted as the purest marijuana concentrate.

Some of the very best marijuana concentrate brands of 2019

1. Bloom: provides concentrates in distillate vape mods, and easy to use syringes.  Some of the fantastic products are Green Crack, Pineapple Express, and King Louis XIII. These top-shelf products are for the person who enjoys an easy clean distillate.

2. Moxie: provides Dart pods and cartridges. The wax is top quality, and genetics include Viper City, Lemon Goji OG, Blue Coral and Snoop's Dream just naming a few. If you are the dabber who enjoys new technology along with convenience, look no further.

3. Viola: founded by Al Harrington, a former NBA athlete, delivers a heavy honey pot (7-gram jar) for those wanting to always have on hand. Some of the delicious dabs include Screaming Afgoo and Orange 43.

4. Green Dot Labs: is all over the Colorado market with its concentrate products. They provide live resins, marijuana resins, and badders to name some of the products this Lab produces. The company uses a hydrocarbon extraction process for the delivery of their products. Green Dot Labs is the source for those looking to experience a heady dabber experience.

5. Natty Rems: formerly known as Natural Remedies produces some heavy-hitting concentrates. The company provides live diamonds, live budder, cured budder, and shatter along with a fresh frozen solventless concentrate. The consumer who does not want to break the bank but still enjoy a heady experience chooses this one.

6. The Clear: the production of super-clean opaque looking white diamonds are a reflection of the name The Clear. The company produces lovely 1:1 Lobster Butter along with its beautiful Honey Buckets filled with pure distillate. If your obsession and delight are to have sparkly and crystal looking concentrates here, you are.

Marijuana concentrates are a hot item, and surveys show, that is not going to change in the foreseeable future. ENJOY

Marijuana concentrates that take getting high to a whole new level


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