The best joint filter tips of 2020

Published Dec 2, 2020 09:59 a.m. ET
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The cannabis connoisseur trend is to be as pure as possible, and most believe that natural is the way to go. If COVID-19 has taught us anything today, it is that we need to be patient and enjoy what we are doing as safely as possible. Today, the use of some of the finest joint filters available can enhance your experience and safety while using all cannabis strains.

There are many cannabis companies today that have the same train of thought, with a focus on purity. Joint filters are simply a means to enhance the taste of your weed while providing an added safety barrier between the consumer and the carcinogens and toxins that we all know smoke possesses. Joint filters, when combined with the purist rolling papers, can greatly improve the overall taste of your joint.

We hear you

The Netherlands has listened to what cannabis smokers want to enhance their enjoyment of the joint. Rolling papers play an essential role in delivering a perfect joint, but the piece de resistance for some is incorporating a joint filter. The Cone + that is provided by the Dutch I-nvention shows that companies are listening. This company has produced a patented CTIP carbon filter to accompany it's Cone + joint. These carbon joint filters are a standard for a pre-rolled joint from this company.

The filters are comprised of coconut shells, which makes the cone-shaped joint filters natural. They work to filter out any unwanted substances when a consumer is smoking. After using the filtration system, there is a positive difference in the taste of the experience. The type of joint filters that are used by the company are not new, as the same makeup was used by this company for manual rolling joints one year previously.

The CTIP contains activated carbon with properties that are able to filter out undesirable components. The chief executive officer of I-nvention, Cash, believes that his company’s joint filters meet the needs of today’s cannabis connoisseurs. All smoke contains undesirable components, and the I-nvention will remove as many unwanted of them as possible.

Stone Tips

If you are looking for a smooth smoking experience, Stone Tips are ceramic filters that will do the job. Flavours are enhanced with this tool, and it helps to provide cooler smoke. These ceramic joint tips are compatible with most RYO machines. Stone Tips joint filters are easy to clean, reusable, reasonably priced, and you can buy anywhere from 1-100 units at a time.



These handmade joint holders have a couple of unique benefits for the joint smoker. No longer will your fingers be tainted with smoke colouring, as it helps to reduce that yellow finger look. A delicious smooth smoking effect is received from these reusable and easy to clean joint filters. This one of a kind item is hand-sanded, giving the wood a lovely smooth feel. Each joint filter is then rubbed with olive oil to enhance the natural colors and preserve the materials.

Verde Vie

Verde Vie is a proud feminine marijuana accessories company. Montreal has been it’s home base since it began in 2018. Here is the right choice if you’re looking for an all-in-one option, as it includes one pack of rolling papers and a filter. The large unbleached rolling papers come in a magnetic closure container with 32 rolling papers and one weed filter per pack.


First launched in 2019, this company has earned a place in the high-quality rolling paper space. These papers are a joint venture from rapper "Berner" and Greenlane. The Vibes rolling papers are cultivated in France and kitted and cut in the Dominican Republic. The natural materials used to make them is what made these a highly sought after cannabis accessory.

Last thoughts

Cannabis users, whether for recreational or medicinal use, can benefit from inhaling cannabis through a filter. Keeping carcinogens and the many toxins found in smoke out of our lungs using weed filters is a good way to protect our health. When you think about sparking up a joint, just remember your health and don’t forget to use a filter.

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