The best gold rolling papers of 2020

Published Jun 17, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Ever notice how fabulous the cannabis influencers look while enjoying their favourite strain of herb? They are shining, and so are the papers they have rolled their best weed in. You may not be a top cannabis influencer like Jackie Childs, but you can smoke your herb with the same gold papers that she does.

1. Shine 24K Gold rolling papers

  • A two-sheet pack
  • 24K and hemp blend
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Burns slowly
  • Expensive if you are a chain smoker
  • Price $13.00 USD

These papers are the iconic gold rolling papers. Think of luxury rolling, and this brand comes to mind, which is why it’s a perfect gift for a hostess.

2. Shine 24K Gold King Cone pre-rolls

  • Single king size cone
  • 100% purely edible Gold lea and paper filter tip
  • Packed in a plastic tube
  • Small straw for easy packing
  • No certificate of authenticity with the pre-roll
  • Slightly metallic taste
  • No being stingy on the amount of weed needed to fill a cone
  • Price $8.00 USD

The 24K pre-rolled cones are perfect for the newbie to joint rolling. The gold-flecked joint is ideal for looking like a classy stoner, and that makes it the best choice for that Instagram selfie of you and luxury on the move.

3. Lionhead 24K Gold rolling papers

  • 1.25-inch standard rolling paper size
  • Slow-burning
  • Two per pack
  • Simple to roll
  • Rather expensive
  • Finest edible gold
  • Price $13.00 USD

4. Zoe Gold

  • Gold blend and hemp crafted
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Six in a pack
  • King size
  • Price $24.00 USD

5. Slim Jim 24K Gold rolling papers

  • 100% real gold rolling paper
  • Gold ash
  • Price $8.00 USD

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6. Shine 24K Gold blunt wraps

  • A hemp and gold blend
  • Explicitly designed for blunt rolling
  • Can be somewhat expensive
  • Uses more product than rolling a joint
  • Can be hard to use
  • Price $30.00 USD

Shine Papers is the number one provider of the gold smoking paper experience. Charleston South Carolina United States is the headquarters of this company that has a second office location in Las Vegas. Thanks to celebrity endorsements, Shine is known in  well over 20 different countries. The luxury twenty-four karats gold rolling paper created by Shine, the first company to combine gold and high-quality paper, has found the perfect mix.

Smoking is not the best activity for our lungs. That being said, this company has provided a luxury looking eye-catching rolling and blunt paper that will turn heads. The edible 24K gold on the outside of the paper burns slowly, and at the end of the joint, all that remains is gold dust. The edible gold remains in the ashes and does not enter the lungs according to the studies conducted by the company.

So the next time that you want to look like a cannabis influencer who only smokes the best and presents with that air of luxury, remember that a 24K gold rolling paper certainly can't hurt. After all, first impressions mean everything, so shouldn't what you smoke your herb with also say a lot?

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