The best crystal cannabis accessories on the market in 2019

Published Aug 31, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
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Consuming the marijuana plant can be achieved in many different forms, including edibles, drinks lotions, and pipes are just some of the various methods of consumption.

Those of us that have some concern about the purity and quality of our weed should have the same interest when selecting a pipe as your consumption method. The type of weed pipe you choose, and what it is made of should be of the utmost consideration. If you choose to use a crystal as that vessel, you need to consider the type of crystal that you will be using.

There are three known substances that you should avoid, especially when they are found in smoking devices, as they contain asbestos.  Tiger Eye, Serpentine, and Pietersite are known as toxic substances.  Asbestos can cause inflammation of the lung tissue, along with permanent scarring in the lungs, so it’s a good idea to avoid these materials whenever possible.

Crystals are used throughout the world as a meditation tool in crystal healing, which is a well-observed practice, and each stone has its unique benefits. Many cannabis enthusiasts feel the same way about their weed pipes, as it is incredible how much the materials alone can alter the experience of smoking. So choose your piece carefully and enjoy some cannabis through one of the crystal vessels listed below:

Natural Rose Quartz Stone Pipe

Cost: $50.00

  • Is a powerful influencer belonging to the heart chakra
  • Rose quartz often referred to as the love stone
  • Well known for relieving stress
  • Fights jealousy, anger, and regret
  • Perfect for soothing a broken heart and provide relief from grief

Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Pipe

Cost: $50.00

  • This stone will protect and stabilize
  • Enhances spiritual connections while enhancing intuition
  • Removes psychic fog allowing the increase of mental clarity
  • Perfect for erasing negative patterns
  • Enhances organization while improving concentration

Natural Amethyst Stone Pipe


Cost: $50.00

  • Tranquility belongs to this stone
  • Has powerful healing qualities known to help ease physical and mental suffering
  • Excellent for enhancing a meditative state
  • Helps to rid bad habits replacing them with good habits
  • This stone is well associated with the crown chakra known to provide a serene environment

Moonstone Labradorite crystal Pipe

Cost: $60.00

  • This is the stone of self-discovery
  • Protects against any misfortune and any negativity that prevails
  • A perfect communication facilitator
  • This stone is associated with magic
  • Capable of reducing anxiety and stress

When purchasing a crystal bong vessel as your method of using cannabis, look for models that provide various types of filtration and style. Look for models that are manufactured from the highest grade of borosilicate glass. You will then have a long-lasting premium product to enjoy your smoke.

So, before we can enjoy our smoke in our crystal bong or pipe, we need to ensure that our weed is ground up correctly. The method and tool that you use can have a significant effect on your smoking experience. Using a weed grinder is a better way to ensure that you are getting all of the trichomes that you paid for.

Less hand contact means more trichomes. Look for your grinder to provide a smooth and enjoyable even smoke regardless of what product you will be using. An even ground ensures that you are not wasting your cannabis’s THC/CBD  for its beneficial recreational and medical effects.

When your weed is ground up correctly, there is a better taste, and even if you are using a vape it ensures a better experience. Invest in a multi-stage grinder and reap the benefits of the fine powder made from the trichomes on buds and leaves. The multi-stage grinder will filter out the kief for you to enjoy as an added addition to your bowl or joint for an enriched high.

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