The best cheesy weed strains in the world

Published Mar 27, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Cheesy weed strains to some, smell just as appetizing as a fresh-baked muffin or cake, and though we don’t yet quite understand why, it’s because this particular scent for them, seems to enhance the experience. Cheesy strains of weed are bold, delicious, and difficult to turn down because they all seem to come paired with an intensely relaxing haze that is easy to sit back and enjoy. It’s also a perfect complimentary terpenes profile for cannabis goods like hamburgers or gravy which are difficult to pair with any other flavor.


These strains of weed don’t necessarily have a downside that impacts everyone, as there are only two consistent complaints about them, and both are based on personal preference and experience. The biggest most commonly reported drawback to using cheesy strains stems from its pungent smell, which is easy to distinguish and nearly impossible to ignore, and this small feature can be a major problem for someone who is trying to consume cannabis discreetly.

The second most significant issue with cheesy weed strains comes from the impact that is expected after consuming them, as the majority of these kinds of cannabis plants come with a potent punch of THC that can be challenging to manage or deal with for less experienced consumers and anyone with a lower tolerance level. Luckily this problem is easily avoidable, as long as you start low and go slow, building confidence the whole way through.

The cheesiest strains of weed

Now that we’ve got all of that out of the way, we want to take a few moments to highlight some of the best cheesy strains in the world. To help growers and consumers who are seeking an Indica, hybrid, or Sativa strain for specific purposes, we have even divided the list up into three separate sections. This makes them easier to find and understand before you try them out for yourself.


Sativa strains

  • Critical Cheese
  • Sweet Cheese
  • Chiesel
  • Dairy Queen
  • Cheese N Chong
  • Franco’s Lemon Cheese

Indica strains

  • Big Buddha Cheese
  • Cheese
  • Blue Cheese
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Bubble Cheese
  • Galaxy Cheese


  • Honey Lemon Cheese
  • Black Cheese
  • Deep Cheese
  • Pineapple Chunk
  • Badazz Cheese
  • Dragon Cheese
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