The best blunt wraps of 2020

Published May 14, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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There are many ways to enjoy cannabis. Some choose the bong and others prefer to use rolling papers so that they can smoke a joint, but if you are looking for a great taste when burning your herb, combined with a much slower burn than the average rolling paper, then perhaps its time to move on and experience the blunt. No longer will you have to rely on an empty cigar wrap, as the cannabis industry has recognized the need for a better option. As with anything, blunt wraps come in good and not so good options.

Moving forward to better methods

Before the industry saw the need and began manufacturing blunt wraps, many smokers were using a messy means to indulge in their passion. A cigar was carefully unrolled, and the wrapper was used to serve as material for blunts to be produced. A blunt wrap is essentially a double layer of dried tobacco leaves, making a blunt wrap stiffer than rolling papers. Rolling a blunt is  favored by many weed connoisseurs'  as the best way to enjoy their top-quality buds.

Some of the following best blunt wraps

1. Kingpin Mango Tango

For the one who loves that fruity taste combined with their favourite stash, this is a perfect choice.

  • Made from natural hemp
  • This product does contain nicotine and tobacco
  • Delicious mango sweet and tangy
  • These blunt wraps come four in a pack
  • Burns slowly
  • Folded to help with the rolling process
  • A scooping card is included in the package
  • Four in a pack

There is, however, a noticeable negative about this brand, and it’s that these blunt wraps are for some a bit thick and tend to over-power your weeds flavour profile.

2. Skunk Brand

For the smoker who does not want to incorporate tobacco in their blunt, this is a great choice.

  • Delicious sweet taste like the taste when licking a sweet-tasting cigar when closing wrap
  • Great size
  • Burns nice and slow
  • Smooth tasting
  • Two in a pack

This brand is a bit on the delicate side and should be handled with care, but well worth the effort.


3. Beamer Vegan Hemp

If you are a practicing Vegan, you will enjoy this all-natural blunt wrap brand.

  • They are 110 millimeters long which is big enough if you want to share
  • The natural hemp flavour does not mask your buds taste profile, contains no bleaching agents
  • Contains no chemicals
  • Four to a pack

This is such an enjoyable blunt wrap that you may have trouble finding anywhere other than online.

4. Hemp Zone Bee Berry

If you enjoy sharing but not your blunt, then these are the perfect size for you.

  • Great rillo wrap
  • The size resembles a smaller cigar as compared to the fat one making the blunt more suited for personal use not sharing
  • Super fruity and a delicious fruity taste and smell
  • Tobacco-free
  • All-natural
  • Five in a pack

They are small in size, but if you are practicing safe health regulations and not "puff puff passing," while the world is in a COVID-19 attack, then this is a perfect personal size, and it’s great for those that are using their weed sparingly.

The cannabis industry listened to the crowd of consumers and has delivered blunt wraps for our convenience. For those that enjoy the experience of rolling but are looking for a higher buzz, blunts, whether all-natural or fruity flavoured are a perfect option. Blunt wraps can offer the cannabis user who is looking for a wrap, the ability to let the flavour and smell profile of their herb shine through.

How to roll a blunt using 5 alternative tobaccofree blunt wraps


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