The best blueberry flavored strains of 2019

Published Sep 12, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Many unfortunate consumers are under the impression that all cannabis strains are equal and that the only difference between one or another is how high it gets you.  The truth is that the marijuana plant species is a unique one that offers such a wide variety of flavors, smells and effects, and that it is relatively easy to find one that you will enjoy with only a small amount of research.Whether you are already a huge fan of a Blueberry strain and would like to find others with a similar aroma, or you are a new consumer seeking something tasty to try, this list has everything that you need including all of the best blueberry strain options available in 2019.

1. Blueberry Kush
The Blueberry Kush strain has been around for years and has maintained popularity with consumers throughout that time. This Indica cannabis strain made by crossing the genetics of a regular old Blueberry with OG Kush. The effects are intense, which is the reason why it is perfect for anyone seeking intense pain or stress relief. The Blueberry Kush is an earthy and berry flavored strain that packs a powerful punch with a 24% THC average that is perfect for consumers with a high tolerance.

2. Blueberry Muffin
If you love the sweet, old-fashioned baked goods, then this Blueberry Muffin strain might be just what you have been looking for. This hybrid cannabis strain is a combination of Purple Panty Dropper and Blueberry, which provides some surprisingly invigorating effects that are perfect for staying active and motivated. The average THC content of this one hovers between 20% and 22%, which makes it perfect for both new and experienced consumers who enjoy a sweet and berry aroma and taste.

3. Blueberry Haze
These flavorful buds are known for their strong berry scent, and most fans don’t realize that its parents are the good old-fashioned Blueberry Haze and Blueberry strains. This marijuana strain provides one of the strongest blueberry profiles you will ever come across, and it weighs in at between 19% and 21% THC, but that’s not all. It also boasts a relatively high 2%-5% CBD hence the reason why it is so often recommended for medicinal purposes. This strain is great for pain, anxiety, stress and can dramatically increase appetite.

4. Blueberry Cookies
The Blueberry Cookies strain AKA Blueberry Girl Scout Cookies is a delicious heavy berry scented Indica dominant hybrid with an average THC range between 19%-20%. This cannabis strain is the result of mixing Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint with Blueberry Tahoe which created a lemon, pine and blueberry combination that can lift you up as the effects slowly take over leading to an intense level of sedation that is ideal for more experienced consumers.

5. Mother of Berries
The Mother of Berries strain also goes by its short-form M.O.B, which speaks volumes about the potency and intensity that can be expected from this Indica cannabis strain. Though M.O.B comes with a high THC average of between 16% and 24% it is often recommended for new consumers with little to no tolerance, as the effects are light, slow to come on, and long-lasting offering the best experience for nearly any blueberry loving cannabis enthusiast.


6. Blueberry Diesel
This cannabis strain is a mixture of genetics from two of the most popular types of weed on the market, including Sour Diesel and Blueberry. Blueberry Diesel is a hybrid strain that is Indica leaning, but its effects include the best of both worlds including a mildly sedating, long-lasting and mellow buzz that is perfect for both new and experienced cannabis consumers, despite its high 23% THC rating.

7. Bubbleberry
Blueberry and bubblegum fans love this marijuana strain as the strong aroma is largely due to its parents Bubble Gum and Blueberry. This hybrid strain boasts berry, sweet, spicy and bubble gum taste alongside a pungent smell that is impossible to ignore. Though this strain does tend to stay on the lower end of the scale as far as THC content with an average of 16%-20%, the effects are often intense and much more suitable to nighttime which makes it excellent when used as a sleep aid or muscle relaxer.

8. Blueberry Pie
This Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain comes from two famous parents, including the Blue Dream strain and Girl Scout Cookies. Though Blueberry Pie is easy to overlook with its low 15%-19% THC content, it will induce a cerebral based high that is likely much more potent than you might expect. If you are looking for something to melt away stress or winding down at the end of a long work week, then this one might be perfect for you.

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