The best all-natural rolling papers for marijuana

Published Oct 23, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
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If you are looking to enjoy a particular strain of cannabis that you may have been looking for, for quite some time, then why waste it on rolling papers that mask the taste? Quality rolling papers are needed as part of the equation to the perfect joint experience.

The choices available to choose from, and having to select the correct paper may leave your head spinning before you indulge. Numerous companies are dying to sell you a piece of paper to wrap your weed in, and these companies all come with their own unique features.

RAW, the natural rolling papers company, started to fulfill its mission of being the leader of the pack in the busy rolling papers industry and produce the best rolling papers. They have achieved their goal. The RAW products are provided with the mindset of enhancing the smoking experience of all.

RAW rolling papers are the best all-natural option on the market today

This company uses completely chemical-free processing techniques, and their papers are formulated from 100% plants that contain no added chalk or dye, unlike some of the other cannabis wrap companies. They currently make three different kinds of rolling papers, including:

  1. RAW Classic Rolling papers are manufactured from the purest unrefined plant fibres and use a natural tree sap for the gumline closure. Each of the sheets is watermarked with the known crisscross and promises to provide an even burning smooth smoke.

  2. RAW Organic Hemp Papers use the finest pure organic hemp in manufacturing. The natural tree sap is used for the gum closure part of the paper, and the sap is applied and prepared in the mountains of Spain.

  3. RAW Black rolling papers are extra fine, double pressed, producing the thinnest unbleached rolling papers in existence today. The papers are produced in the Alcoy region of Spain. If you are looking for a paper that is thin and lets you truly enjoy and discover the terpenes, this is your choice.

Having trouble rolling? RAW can help with any of these fantastic designs

  1. RAW Classic 11/4 Cone pre-rolled. The cone is much easier and faster to use than rolling papers. The cones, like the papers, do not have added chalk or dyes. They are made with naturally unbleached paper.

  2. RAW Classic King-size Cones are made from the same material the rolling papers.

  3. RAW Classic Peacemaker Cones are produced from the unbleached paper the same as all the products. This size is best for the consumer who wants to smoke a lot.

The RAW promise

The RAW brand stands by the promise that they made to give back to their community, and they have accomplished this by establishing the RAW Foundation. The foundation runs under the name All Human Life is Equal (AHLE), and they work to improve the highest number of lives that they can with the resources they acquire through a portion of their profits. AHLE was founded in 2007, and since then the foundation has donated millions of dollars to partners for the projects that will make life-changing differences to people who need it the most.


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