Ten of the most unique rolling papers of 2019

Published Mar 13, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET

Whether you are an experienced joint roller looking for a change or a newbie wondering what options exist you have come to the right place. Cannabis culture has evolved to include a wide variety of interests and preferences which has given us an incredibly vast market full of options to choose from when rolling papers for joints or blunts. These are the ten coolest joint wraps on the market in 2019.

1. Lift Tickets Medicated Rolling Papers

Cost: $10

These joint wraps are incredibly easy to work with and come with the added benefit of being infused with THC. Each package contains one single medicated sheet of paper that can be cut down to size. Since the infusion is done using concentrated hash oil, there is no need for glue, and no matter how you slice it, the sheet will attach to itself making for a spitless roll. There are hundreds of flavors to choose from with some of the most popular being Smarties, Hershey’s, cotton candy, vanilla, mint, and coffee.

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2. Juicy Jays Flavored Rolling Papers

Cost: $1.23

If you are looking for some fresh new flavors to try, then you must check out Juicy Jays who offers thousands of flavors and types of joint wraps for your pleasure. With the largest collection in the world that includes flavors like Black Magic, blackberry, blueberry, banana, apple, candy cane, coconut, licorice and more you are sure to find something for everyone. Each pack contains 24 papers. Either other options like super thin or glue free if you are searching for a basic paper that packs a tasty punch then this is the one for you.

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3. Shine Gold Fake Gold Rolling Papers

Cost: $18.99

If you have yet to experience what these shiny fake gold rolling papers have to offer, then you should give them a try. While the main selling point of these joint wraps is focused on aesthetic qualities, there are other benefits like a nice smooth burn that is taste free and all natural. The exact price will depend on the kind you choose. With basic papers being sold individually wrapped for $4 and cone wraps that are already formed and ready to be packed for $18.99 each. The expense may not be reasonable for an everyday option, but if you are looking for a way to garner attention this one will do it. Show off your shine with some Shine Gold rolling papers.

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4. Elements Rice Papers

Cost: $5

While they may not be super flashy, or huge Elements offers a line of rice rolling papers that are 100% organic and all natural. They are unique because they are one of the few joint wraps on the market that isn’t made using regular paper or additives that can adversely affect the taste of the weed that is smoked in them. They are some of the slowest burning papers out there and produce no ash since the rice will caramelize rather than burning.

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5. Empire Money Rolling Papers

Cost: $14

At first glance, they may appear to have a bit too much for color which could be concerning if they weren’t produced by such a committed and trustworthy company. These cool rolling papers come in packs of 20 and sell in boxes that contain four packs each and are inside of a resealable wallet. Every paper sports a Benjamin design of a $100 bill that is completely safe to smoke since they use vegetable oils to color the paper instead of ink. While there isn’t much for other options as they don’t carry different flavors, who wouldn’t want to roll up and smoke a $100 bill like we envision the richest people doing? Give them a try; you won’t be disappointed.

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6. RAW Giant Rolling Papers

Cost: $3.97

RAW is famous for its commitment to providing the most natural chemical free papers out there. These giant rolling papers are no exception and are made using the same bleach-free paper as their smaller counterparts. They are also thin giving you a rare glimpse of your weed as you smoke it. Each pack contains 20 individual foot long papers that can be used whole or cut down to size. These are some of the best for fancy joint designs like braided joints so if you are looking for something unique to try then these are perfect.

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7. King Palm Preformed Cones

Cost: $1-$5

For those who have difficulty rolling joints or blunts a preformed cone is an incredibly convenient option. King Palm manufactures an entire line of pre-rolled joint wraps that can be easily packed and smoked by even the most inexperienced rollers. Choose from popular flavors like chocolate, gummy bears, rocky road ice cream and hundreds of others to suit just about any taste or opt for a more natural approach that is flavorless but still offers the benefits of no work necessary. Each pack contains 1-5 rolls that are each individually wrapped for freshness.  

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8. The King Corn Husk Rolling Papers

Cost: $4

The cost is a bit above average with each joint wrap selling for $4 a, but the quality of these cool roll papers is something, unlike anything we have ever seen. With an outer texture that feels like a soft bamboo that is raw corn husk. These papers do not come with glue and instead have included hemp strings to tie the joint together once finished. No more licking necessary and with the bonus of a slow even burn the corn husk rolling papers are some of the unique on the market today.

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9. The Sheepdog’s Color Changing Rolling Papers

Cost: $9.99

Since we don’t want to mix chemicals with our herb smoking, it is rare to come across any kind of colored or designed papers that don’t taste awful. Luckily the Sheepdog’s color changing papers have changed all that. They use natural oils, and food colorings that are released as the heat make its way through the paper producing a rainbow type effect. Watch as you smoke and your joint changes color with every single inhale. The heat from the smoke with change the entire joint in an effect that travels towards your mouth.

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10. Trip Clear Rolling Papers

Cost: $20

These cool rolling papers will make anyone you share with doing a double take. The unique recipe used to make these neat joint wraps is completely natural but does come with a slightly noticeable taste. It is easy to manipulate and work with and sticks to itself ten times better than any glue strip making it a perfect option for beginners and more seasoned users alike. Watch as the resin builds amongst the bud grind as you make your way through a joint to truly see what happens hidden underneath of your average rolling paper.

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