Sweet cannabis strains that are perfect for Easter

Published Mar 28, 2021 01:00 p.m. ET
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The holiday is just around the corner, and though we often view Easter as a time to celebrate with our kids, with fun egg hunts, and other cool bunny-themed activities, with a few tweaks, it can easily be a cannabis party for adults too! Whether you’re looking for Easter basket ideas or just some sweet cannabis strains to wind down at the end of it all, we’ve got you covered with these ten excellent choices.

Easter weed strains

These strains would make the most amazing Easter gifts, but they’re also great for personal indulgence on such an occasion. They’re all sweet, just like what you’d expect from traditional Easter treats and chocolates, only these ones will heighten the senses and melt away the stress. plus, they don’t come with a devastating sugar crash.

1. Kinder Kush

Much like the Kinder surprise eggs, so many of us hide for our kids to celebrate Easter, this Sativa dominant combination of award-winning genetics is sweet as can be, with a chocolate and latte base that will keep you coming back for more.

THC: 20%-21%

CBD: 0.2%-0.4%

Aroma: Chocolate, vanilla, and sweet

2. Holy Ghost

Perhaps you’re celebrating Easter for the reason it began, as part of a religious belief that should be honored, and if that’s the case, then there is nothing out there that’s more holy than the Holy Ghost cannabis strain, which is a rare even hybrid.

THC: 25%-28%

CBD: 0%

Aroma: Spice, citrus, and grape

3. Alice in Wonderland

Alice’s rabbit friend might not have been the Easter bunny, but he sure did offer her one heck of a trip, and you’ll achieve a similar sensation when you indulge with this nostalgic Sativa dominant cannabis strain.

THC: 16%-18%

CBD: 0%-0.5%

Aroma: Earthy and sweet

4. Nor’Easter

This Sativa dominant strain by SKOSHA is named in homage to Atlantic Canada’s destructive storms, which perfectly describes the effects that come on slowly, but then hit like a hurricane when you least expect it.

THC: 15%-20%

CBD: 0.5%-1%

Aroma: Citrus, pine, and spice

5. Sour Patch Kiss

This is one of the best Easter strains because it offers a unique twist of both sweet and sour flavors which are perfectly complemented by the intense effects of this Indica dominant powerhouse while tasting eerily similar to the Sour Patch Kids candy from our youth.

THC: 21%-30%

CBD: 0.5%- 1%

Aroma: Sour candy, sweet, blackberry, and berry


6. Peanut Butter Kush

Peanut butter on its own might not seem too Easter specific, but you’ve got to admit that there’s nothing that goes with chocolate quite as well. This perfectly balanced hybrid strain is shrouded by quite a bit of mystery, but we do know that it tastes great and it’s also perfect for consumers of all types.

THC: 20%-23%

CBD: 0%

Aroma: nutty, chocolate, sweet, and savory

7. God Bud

If he is who you worship on this special holiday, then it’s only fitting to ring in the date with a cannabis strain named after the holy man himself. God Bud might not sound scary, but this Indica dominant hybrid is dressed in more than enough trichomes and cannabinoids to impress even the most seasoned users.

THC: 27%-29%

CBD: 7%

Aroma: Tropical, fruity, pineapple, and sweet

8. Zkittles

Like the candy Skittles, Zkittles will satisfy any sweet tooth in an instant, and despite its relatively low potency, the effects of this Indica dominant strain lives up to the hype, with cerebral and full-body tingles that can last for what feels like forever.

THC: 17%-23%

CBD: 0%

Aroma: Grapefruit, sweet, grape, berry

9. Chocolate Fondu

There is nothing that screams easter quite like a massive dose of chocolate, and the cocoa flavor is quite strong with this cannabis strain. It’s a Sativa dominant hybrid with effects to match the description, light airy, enjoyable, sweet, and functional.

THC: 15%-17%

CBD: 0%

Aroma: Chocolate, sweet, and nutty

10. Green Candy

AKA California Green Candy, this hybrid strain crosses two fantastically sweet parents Green Crack and Candy Kush. Though it is Sativa dominant, the effects are long-lasting and rather intense, so it is more suitable for seasoned consumers this Easter.

THC: 15%-23%

CBD: 0%

Aroma: Sweet, skunk, and berries

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