Super strong edibles

Published Mar 1, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET

 The method of ingestion of marijuana is conducive to the effects you will feel. Super strong edibles are one form of ingesting cannabis. When consuming your edibles, it is good to remember that the effect and the length of your high will be different than when you smoke or vape your cannabis. The general rule is to start low maybe 5 mg per edible and increase the dose as your tolerance expands.

When we speak about edibles the old- fashioned special brownie, leaps into our thoughts. Consuming our cannabis is achieved in many forms other than smoking, edibles are the one we will be talking about. The different foods that we can infuse with cannabis are insurmountable. The super strong edibles are available to us for our enjoyment and our medical needs also.

It seems that the legality of edibles is not a deciding factor on the use of this form of ingesting cannabis. People are using cannabis for medical needs such as pain relief, anxiety control insomnia, to name a few of the medical uses.

We process edibles differently than when we vape or smoke cannabis. When consuming the edible, we metabolize it. Differently, it passes through the intestines, liver, and bloodstream and ultimately the effects are sent on to the brain. Generally, the effects of your super strong edible may take upward of an hour to kick in. The effect, however, may last up to 8 hours.

Are there any benefits of super strong edibles?

When using super strong edibles, we are directing our talk mainly to the consumer who uses medical cannabis. This is usually someone suffering from cancer or severe chronic pain. It appears that seniors are among the biggest purchasers of super strong edibles. The senior is using these edibles for micro-dosing effects all day. It is less expensive, and some seniors tend to feel that this dosing method is more effective.

The method of ingestion of marijuana is conducive to the effects you will feel. Super strong edibles are one form of ingesting cannabis.

Negative side-effects of edibles

• If you consume too much THC in the edible, you could be in for a not so nice few hours. When too much THC is consumed at a time, it can lead to feelings of paranoia and anxiety. Wait it out it will pass.
• Cottonmouth or dry mouth is another side effect of consuming too much edible.


Here are some incredibly powerful edibles to try

Cheeba Chews Deca

  • Dose, 175 mg of THC in each bite-sized piece. Strong and fast are the effects of this edible.

Hashman Infused Sativa Dark Chocolate

  • Dose, 200mg of THC, sativa chocolate great for late night creative endeavors.

Purple Star Gummies

  • Dose, 200mg of THC, the taste is not too bad and the gummies are strong.

Punch Bars

  • Dose, 225mg of THC a bar with 9 pieces and each piece is 25mg.

Day Dreamers Chocolate

  • Dose, 360mg of THC, six segments of 60 mg per square

Voodoo Sours Gummy Ribbons

  • Dose, 375mg of THC


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