Strains and cannabis products for athletes

Published Feb 26, 2019 00:54 a.m. ET

Athletic recovery products make up a large portion of the cannabis industries new focus. With legality spreading and information becoming more widely available it has quickly become apparent that cannabis products hold a variety of benefits for the average person and that includes even the toughest of athletes. While THC is the most sought-after component in marijuana and holds some merit for its ability to relieve pain, the real benefits will come mostly from CBD and the nutritional benefits of the plant itself in raw form. CBD oil and muscle recovery go hand in hand. Luckily there are many brands that carry a variety of CBD products.

1. CBD Oil by Zenabus
Cost: $20
Zenabus carries a complete line of CBD oil for athletes including THC, CBD, and full spectrum options to suit any need. Each one contains 30 milligrams of the chosen cannabinoid and comes in a 25-milliliter dropper bottle for your convenience. Whether you want to take a small drop or two under your tongue as needed or make it into an edible to enjoy discreetly, the choice is yours. The benefits range from instant pain relief after an intense workout to time released anti-inflammatory benefits that can reduce swelling and hasten a healing period. CBD and muscle recovery work hand in hand to get you back to peak performance sooner.

Where to Purchase: www.zenabis.com

2. CBD Protein Powder by Manitoba Harvest
Cost: $19.59
This sweet CBD protein powder is an incredibly effective way to add high doses of fiber to your diet without gaining fat. It helps to build muscle at the same time it heals and comes in two delicious options including chocolate or vanilla. Each package contains 15 doses of 30-gram servings that can be easily added to water or your regular shake while on the go. This is one of the most popular athletic recovery products since it is made using pure CBD so will not get you high potentially affecting your performance, and has additional supplements including vitamin A, calcium, and iron.

Where to Purchase: www.manitobaharvest.com

3. Cannamed Topical Cream Kit
Cost: $20-$175
Whether you are looking for topical athletic recovery products, or just the ingredients to make your own, Cannamed will have you covered. Carrying everything from two different choices of infused kits that range from 1 mg of THC – 10 mg of THC and 10 mg to 20 mg of CBD, to all base products you could need to make your own effective cannabis-infused topical relief cream. Each kit will make 120 ml of cream that can be used as needed and applied directly to damaged and sore areas for relief.

*Where to Purchase: www.cannimed.ca *

4. Full Spectrum Softgel capsules
Cost: $38-$100
Full spectrum soft gel caps are one of the most potent and effective athletic recovery products on the market today. Their products have quickly gained popularity due to their discrete nature. Packaged in a child-proof bottle that resembles a typical Advil bottle. This option is amazing for those who don’t want to smoke cannabis due to negative health effects which are most athletes. With choices ranging from a low 0.5% CBD or THC to an incredibly high 35% of either one, you can personalize your treatment to suit your needs for the day rather than making do with a product that doesn’t perform nearly as well. They even go so far as to let you choose the strain be it Indica or Sativa that you prefer as a base. While they do come with a cost, these soft gels are odorless, tasteless, and offer a time-released benefit that can last up to 12 hours with no adverse health effects.

Where to Purchase: https://shop.spectrumcannabis.com

5. Nice Dreams CBD E Juice by Cloud Hemp
Cost: $19.99
Athletes and vaping may not always sound like they go together but with vaping helping thousands of people to quit smoking it makes sense that some athletes vape regularly. This CBD infused E juice contains 30 ml of CBD infused e-juice that will not get you stoned but can provide the anti-inflammatory benefits of ingesting CBD in a way that is flavorless and convenient for those who already vape. There is no need for a special pen or hardware as this CBD juice can be used as a replacement or in conjunction with whatever kind of juice you already use.

Where to Purchase: www.cloud9hemp.com

Best strains for athletic recovery

Each strain of cannabis comes equipped with its own unique set of chemical markers that will control how they will affect a user. From the terpenes most responsible for scent and flavor to the more active cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Every single marijuana strain will have its range it produces on average. With some being much more beneficial for medicinal purposes due to a higher than average CBD content. Cannabis strains for athletes need to be effective while also maintaining a light energetic high that will not affect overall performance. Whether you are looking for something to smoke, vape, or for a strain to look out for when purchasing or making athletic recovery products these are the ten best strains for athletes.

- Bruce Banner
- OG Kush
- Sour Diesel
- Harlequin
- Royal Medic
- Amnesia Skunk Haze
- Sweet Tooth
- Lemon Haze
- Casey Jones
- Green Crack



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