Some of the most expensive cannabis brands in the US

Published May 28, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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The United States of America is home to some very expensive cannabis brands because, for now, as federal marijuana legalization is still a way off into the future for American cannabis consumers. However, that does not stop some states who have legalized cannabis, but it is why the US is home to some of the most expensive brands of cannabis.

1. Canndescent

A luxury brand Canndescent is perhaps one of the most expensive cannabis in the USA. This luxury brand has a home base in Desert Hot Springs with 28,000 square feet of indoor cultivation. The company began its journey in 2015 and has now grown to be one of California’s number one selling brand of cannabis flower that meets the luxury standard.

For the consumer's enjoyment, you can purchase five sustainably cultivated signature formulas:

  • Cruise
  • Calm
  • Create
  • Connect
  • Charge

The company provides your expensive ultra-premium flower in:

  • 1/8 jars
  • 1-gram jars
  • Gift sets

For those that enjoy the luxury of a pre-roll, this is the same bud that can be purchased in flower form. Each pre-roll contains 100% ultra-premium bud the same quality in the jars. Enjoy the individually packaged pre-rolls with each one available in the five individual signature effects mentioned previously.

2. Her Highness

Her Highness is a collection of CBD-infused pleasure-enhancing products. Made for women by women, this brand includes face serum, vape pen kits, and intimacy oils. All products are made from premium materials. Her Highness is a trusted girlfriend in CBD. The vape pen kit available through Highly Stoned, provides an intensely high THC experience that is seductive while being highly euphoric. This vape pen is ready to use directly from the box. Draw on the vape for 3 seconds, fulfill a deep breath, enjoy the effects. Repeat these steps as needed.

3. Kiskanu


Kiskanu is located in Northern Humboldt and is a family-owned business. The company comes has over 20 years of cannabis industry experience. Products contain no THC and are therefore not psychoactive. A certified herbalist formulates all the products.

4. Mary’s Nutritionals

Mary’s Nutritionals is an industry leader in accurately dosed natural pain-relieving products. Included in the product line-up are topicals, tinctures, and patches. The mission for this company is to provide the wisdom of plants to help each person's body reach the full potential of their mind and body.

5. The High End

One of the oldest luxury department stores in America, Barneys, added a cannabis department to one of it’s California locations. The High End is a cannabis centred shop which, in simple terms, is a luxury head shop. However, there will be no cannabis available at these locations. The designer company, Beboe, joined partnership with the company, which has developed a limited-edition vape pen within the line of products available.

This high-end head shop provides customers with a couple of options for purchasing products. Customers can access the on-line service. A representative will assist the customer in obtaining a white-glove delivery service. This eliminates the need to look for cannabis near me delivery services. This high-end head shop is not for the consumer who is counting dollars, as the name of the facility states, “high end” is not just reflected in the title but in the prices of their goods.

Could the high-end prices be the demise of The High End head shop? After years of doing business Barneys is closing its doors to the public.

US cannabis brands for the stoner on a budget


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