Some of the most exotic weed strains from around the world in 2019

Published Sep 11, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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It can be challenging trying to find the best weed strains when you don’t know where to start. Each type of cannabis comes with benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to decide what is most important before investing in pot seeds or products for consumption.

Though some give preferential treatment to the most potent Indica strains, others lean towards the stereotypical Sativa strains effects, but here you will find some of the rarest, most breathtaking and exotic strains from across the globe including Indica, Sativa and Hybrid varieties.

What are exotic cannabis strains?

The definition of best exotic weed strains, and what they might have to offer will change dramatically depending on who you ask. However, in general something exotic is defined as a rare object that is often out of reach with characteristics that are appeasing.

Exotic marijuana strains are typically thought of as the most beautiful and strongest genetic lines of the species. Though every single person will find at least some difference between what they might call exotic when compared to other consumers, every cannabis enthusiast will agree that these are some of the best weed strains of all time, and not just this year.

Here, you will find 5 Indica strains, 5 Sativa strains and 5 Hybrids that all offer a variety of different attributes including appealing aesthetics, grow period, color, potency, taste, smell, resin production, vibrancy, size and CBD content alongside some of the rarest and best weed strains that are known to exist today.

Indica Strains

1. Four Way
Aroma: Earthy, spicy and tree fruit
THC content: 20%
Parent Strains: Afghani & Skunk #1

2. Blue Cheese
Aroma: Pungent, cheese and blueberry
THC content: 20%
Parent Strains: UK Cheese & Blueberry

3. Bubba OG
Aroma: Pungent, earthy and sweet
THC content: 27%
Parent Strains: Ghost OG & Pre-98 Bubba Kush

4. Pinkman Goo
Aroma: Pungent, sweet and mint
THC content: 18%
Parent Strains: unknown

5. Sweet Tooth
Aroma: Flowery, berry and sweet
THC content: 19%
Parent Strains: Nepalese & Afghani & Hawaiian

Sativa Strains


1. Lasqueti Haze
Aroma: Pungent, skunk and citrus
THC content: 20%
Parent Strains: unknown Skunk strain & Lasqueti

2. Jamaican Lion
Aroma: Tropical, earth and sweet
THC content: 18%
Parent Strains: Jamaican & Mountain Lion & Rock Bud

3. Malawi Gold
Aroma: Lemon, citrus and tropical
THC content: 24%
Parent Strains: Landrace strain

4. Panama Red
Aroma: Sweet, earthy and spicy
THC content: 16%
Parent Strains: Landrace strain

5. Hawaiian Snow
Aroma: 24%
THC content: 23%
Parent Strains: Hawaiian Hae & Haze & Nevilles Haze

Hybrid Strains

1. Mendocino Purps
Aroma: Berry, earthy and woody
THC content: 20%
Parent Strains: North American Indica

2. Banana OG
Aroma: Earthy, tropical and sweet
THC content: 25%
Parent Strains: Banana & OG Kush

3. The Lime
Aroma: Citrus, lemon and lime
THC content: 25%
Parent Strains: Original Lemonade & Cactus Cooler

4. Blue Dream
Aroma: Blueberry, sweet and berry
THC content: 27%
Parent Strains: Haze & Blueberry

5. Black Beauty
Aroma: Sweet, pungent and earthy
THC content: 7%
Parent Strains: Unknown

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