Some of the biggest cannabis rolling papers in the world

Published Dec 3, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET
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Most cannabis rolling papers come in standard sizes. There is regular for the small-time toker who doesn’t need a whole lot to get high, then we have cone rolls, and king-sized rolling papers that dominate the market with all of the big players like Zig-Zag and RAW in the game. Then of course, we can’t forget the popular wraps, which are pretty much luxury rolling papers for big blunts. Now, if you think we’ve named off pretty much all the paper sizes there are in existence, you’d be wrong, which is why we wanted to highlight some of the biggest options out there today.

Why would you want big rolling papers?

You might be wondering what would be the purpose of rolling papers that come bigger than wraps and cones, but it’s actually pretty exciting to learn. Most of us stick with only one size and only one or two brands, but that can get boring rather quickly. If you want to try your hand at some smokable art or just want to roll a party-sized joint that you can share with a crowd, then these big rolling papers are where it’s at.

The best extra-large rolling papers

Since there are so many amazing cannabis rolling papers brands, it’s impossible to touch on them all, so instead, we’ve selected the five most popular and highest rated by expert blunt rollers everywhere.

1. The RAW Supernatural 24-inch Challenge Cone

Cost: $26.99

This 2-foot-long cone is both a preformed option and one of the biggest rolling papers on the market today. The best part about this one is that you can pack it with ease, which means you don’t need experience or rolling skills to make it work, and it’s still big enough to pass around in a crowd several times giving everyone the chance to get a few hits in.

Where to buy: www.raw.com

2. Elements 12-inch Rolling Papers

Cost: $20.00

Elements is a brand that has remained in the background, but they sell almost as many rolling papers as any of their competitors because they offer both affordability and quality wrapped in one. The absolute best part of this pack is that it comes with 30 sheets, which means that you don’t have to savor them and that they’re made using all-natural rice paper that won’t impact taste, or your health, and that’s pretty much everything you need in a good joint.

Where to buy: www.amazon.com

3. Giant RAW 12-inch Rolling Papers


Cost: $18.00

Another one from the great RAW company is the Giant pack of rolling papers, which is filled with 20 extra-long sheets for your pleasure. Each one comes complete with a glue strip, and these guys are so thin, that even though they’re big, you will hardly notice because they are made using only natural sourced all organic rice paper. These are at the top of the list due to their growing presence in nearly every dispensary, which keeps them easy to find when you need them.

Where to buy: www.raw.com

4. JWARE Party Cone Papers

Cost: $30.00

The neat thing about competition is that it forces companies to keep prices low and to come up with new ways to entice customers. In this case, JWARE decided to release a unique 3 pack of party-sized cone rolls. These rolling papers are a whole foot long, and that’s more than enough to keep the party going, especially if you get all three filled at once, which is probably why they’ve grown in popularity and are now known for their quality.

Where to buy: www.amazon.com

5. Futurola Extra Large Rolling Papers

Cost: $10.00

Futurola is a long-standing company that has only recently become popular among the cannabis community. Though their fame comes mostly from their pre-rolls and incredibly packing machines that do all of the hard work for you, they also offer a neat selection of hemp and rice rolling papers that measure up to 8 inches long. They might not quite compete with the foot-long RAW’s, but it’s the perfect amount for a couple of friends who don’t quite need that much in one sitting.

Where to buy: www.grasscity.com

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